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Looking for an old angle valve for steam radiator

Lev77Lev77 Member Posts: 50
Hi all,

I'm looking to replace this old valve which has a damaged thread.

I've looked in a plumbing supply house, and online.
To my naked eye, the type of union connection that's here is not available online, but I could be wrong.
Maybe I just don't know the right name of this type of valve?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • nicholas bonham-carternicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,140
    If you replace the valve, then the spud part of the union will have to be changed as well-a big chore!!
    Buy a thread restoration file, and restore the threads instead.—NBC
  • New England SteamWorksNew England SteamWorks Member Posts: 1,353
    I think the valve and spud need to be changed...

    New England SteamWorks
    Service, Installation, & Restoration of Steam Heating Systems
  • Lev77Lev77 Member Posts: 50
    Looks like an internal pipe wrench should help get that spud out (and another one in). I'll give that a shot, would rather not risk having the radiator leak.

    Thanks for the help guys!
  • newagedawnnewagedawn Member Posts: 562
    looks like 1 1/4 to 1 1/4 they sell them all day long at the supply houses, you might want to pb blast over night to get the spud and valve off tho
    "The bitter taste of a poor install lasts far longer than the JOY of the lowest price"
  • Lev77Lev77 Member Posts: 50
    Well then, @nicholas bonham-carter , you were not joking :)
    Thanks @Newagedawn, it was a 1 1/4.

    After the rusted inner edges of the spud just got shaved off by the inner pipe wrench, I had to resort to drilling the side of the spud from end to end, hammering a demo screwdriver in there, then using the large pipe wrench on the screwdriver to force the spud to turn. It did budge eventually and here it is :)

    Thanks again all.
  • Lev77Lev77 Member Posts: 50
    Do I use tape on the spud/valve? pipe dope? nothing?
  • Dan_NJDan_NJ Member Posts: 118
    I've not done this but from what I gather you would dope the male threads, possibly lay some wicking in them first if you think they need that, and leave the mating surfaces as is - nothing on them. Someone can correct me if I'm off ...
  • nicholas bonham-carternicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,140
    A picture is worth a thousand words! Good idea about the drill and screwdriver.—NBC
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