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The previous owner of the house had continuously kicked the pvc pipping connected to the condensation pan, cracking the male end off. I replaced and sealed it and even pitched the pan towards the drain. Now I'm running into two problems. 1) there is smell of garbage coming from the vents that was not there to begin with, most likely to the standing water that was in the pan or water that is sitting in the blower motor caging. 2) the blower in the furnace is now blowing the the water straight out of the pan and against the duct. I would slow down the motor but the wires go into a (I always forget the name of this) white plug that connects to the IFC board, so I'm afraid of cutting the the wires in an attempt to slowdown the blower motor. PLEASE HELP, its hot as hell!!!!


  • bsilliman
    bsilliman Member Posts: 2
    I remember now the wires from the blower motor are all connect to a molex plug except for the black wire
  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 2,871
    Is the drain clear? Take a tank vacuum & stick the hose on the end of the drain pipe, using your hand to seal it up, & see if you can suck the water out, it if you get a big ball of gunk. Pour some water in the pan & watch to see if it drains properly. There may be a section that isn't pitched right or a clog somewhere.

    I'd recommend against slowing the fan down right now, it's very much not likely causing this issue.

    HVACNUT Member Posts: 4,084
    This is a horizontal A/H, or furnace?
    If the evaporator is on the return side, the condensate drain needs a trap. If there is a trap, it's probably clogged.
    Any water in the emergency pan should drain from a separate pipe (not tee'd into the primary drain).
    You should also have a float switch in the emergency pan to open the circuit to the condenser if water is present.
  • ChrisJ
    ChrisJ Member Posts: 11,843
    Some pictures could help.

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