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Taco recall

I just got this in an email from

We are contacting you as you had purchased a Taco Zone Valve Control Module from us and Taco has informed us of a product recall on the ZVC403-4, ZVC404-4, ZVC406-4 and ZVC405-4 (standard model) units with the following date codes on the boxes:


I'm told that the date code is also on a white sticker on the right lip of the metal chassis once you remove the cover. Seems that they do not provide enough power to open the zone valve, especially on non-Taco zone valves.

Can you give us some more information, Joe Mattiello?

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  • Dave H_2
    Dave H_2 Member Posts: 491

    The issue is not a dangerous issues when it comes to the wiring for the customer or anything like that, like you said, there is an issue with a component on the circuit board only affecting standard ZCV controller, not the -EXP nor any style of SR panels.

    See the attached from the factory

    Dave H.
    Dave H
  • I'm just curious what causes this to happen. Is it a bad capacitor that doesn't meet spec?
    Often wrong, never in doubt.
  • Joe Mattiello
    Joe Mattiello Member Posts: 626
    Hi Alan
    I asked the product engineer for a brief description of the specific controls root issue. Apparently, a small electronic component used on ZVC403-4, ZVC404-4, ZVC405-4 and ZVC406-4, became end life and the recommended replacement did not function exactly as original.
    This resulted in a lower than expected voltage needed to open a 24v zone-valve on a heat demand, causing some zone vales to not open. This issue would be discovered on install; if it functioned properly then, it will continue to operate correctly.
    Joe Mattiello
    N. E. Regional Manger, Commercial Products
    Taco Comfort Solutions
  • As it turns out, the ZVC406 controller that Supplyhouse had sold me was defective. It had a date code of 02-16 which should have been fine, but on a call for heat, only zones 4,5 and 6 light up (yellow light) and then a red light when the zone valve was fully open. Zones 1, 2 and 3 do not respond.
    This seems like a different problem than the recall which was that the defective controller was unable to deliver the power to open any zone valves.
    Often wrong, never in doubt.
  • It came to me last night to check the fuses. I'll check them the next time I go back.
    Often wrong, never in doubt.
  • rick in Alaska
    rick in Alaska Member Posts: 1,269
    I can't remember, but they usually have two transformers in them , and maybe one is out. I kind of think they are tied together though, and if they are, then that should not be your problem.
  • Thanks, Rick! That's one more thing I need to check. I'd rather replace a transformer than the controller.
    Often wrong, never in doubt.