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White Rodgers cycle pilot

Hvac tech_2
Hvac tech_2 Member Posts: 21
1992 Utica mgbi serialjh25245 has anyone converted these to standing pilot or modern spark ignition the Mercury flame sensor and electrode lay horizontal over burners
I was told by tech support I could put in standing pilot gas valve and the thermocouple would slide in where th flame sensor was
The 36 e86 gas valves are obsolete the 3096 Mercury flame sensor and pilot relight are still available


    JUGHNE Member Posts: 10,441
    I had a Rheem furnace with that mercury switch system that quit working. The lady said she didn't want a standing pilot (thinking she would always have be lighting it). So I tried the HW universal conversion fm standing pilot to spark. The kit now sits on my shelf and will be sold at my auction someday as it was installed once. (no returns). The pilot would not mount on the burners correctly and caused delayed ignition in the fire box. So the standard standing pilot/thermocouple went on the furnace (After wasting hours trying to get the conversion kit set up). And if memory is correct the thermocouple fit right into the old flame sensor location. She is 2 blocks away and I never had a heat call since.
    You could just buy a t-couple and try the existing mounting hole.
    Then you would know. I believe I used the same pilot burner???
  • Hvac tech_2
    Hvac tech_2 Member Posts: 21
    Going to try the standing pilot , using the existing pilot assembly. The pilot assembly is a oddballimageimage
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,574
    You need to get factory authorization in writing in order to go from Cycle Pilot to any other type of ignition system. An example is Weil-McLain had cycle pilot on some of their boilers. They came out with a factory authorized changeover. That protects them and you from liability.

    You also have to make sure you do a pilot safety turndown test after you change the system.
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 10,441
    In the case I had above; I called one of my HVAC supply houses with old gas valve number to get replacement; they sent a standing pilot gas valve and said that is listed as a replacement.
    I don't know what cross-reference list they used or who approves it, but it lights off well and locks out correctly upon loss of pilot.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,574
    There is always a need for the technician to confirm that a cross reference was used and verify it by seeing it himself. As one who is an expert witness in many court cases I give my advice based on some of the nightmares I have seen techs go through in court because of poor documentation and failure to have a reliable cross reference from a manufacturer.
  • todd_ecr
    todd_ecr Member Posts: 91
    edited January 2015
    I emailed Tim(contractor) this morning with the option to convert it to standing pilot or convert it to an updated electronic ignition. I gave him part #'s and as long as OEM parts are used, this would be an approved repair as these components were used on later versions of the MGB.

    The biggest issue I seem to see with replacing the gas valve on the MGB is that the contractor will pick up a valve at a supply house not knowing they have the wrong one. The MGB uses a slow opening valve. If a standard opening valve is used, it can cause issues like delayed ignition and pilot outages. If there is any doubt, always use an OEM part.