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Interested in the Weil Mclain Eco 110 Boiler, why so cheap? Also, is this tankless?

iypoon Member Posts: 3
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I noticed this boiler was 95% efficient and 88k BTU, but it only costs $2.6k on several websites whereas a similar boiler from other companies would cost at least $1k more.

Is there anything i should know about this boiler? Does it have defects or something? Also, i can't for the life if me figure out if this is a tankless boiler or not (i kind of assumed all wall hung units were tankless, but i can't figure out based on the literature, sorry i'm a newbie). But in any case, if it isn't tankless, i do have an existing electric hot water heater i could attach this to.


  • Tom_133
    Tom_133 Member Posts: 795
    not a tankless

    It's less money because it is basic and barebones. They make a different unit to compete with the rest of the boilers on the market called a WM97 I believe. That has options for piping all setup internally, has an expansion tank with a valve and other options but its on par with pricing for the rest of the market. The Eco is just a heat exchanger, a control and a couple safeties, no bells and whistles.
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