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Burnham pilot light help

AdamMcAdamMc Member Posts: 1

I found out last night that our heat was out, checked my burnham revolution 3 heater with intermittent pilot ignition and the pilot light was out. Tried turning it off and restarting, nothing. Found that there was no power to the ignition module, no spark from the module, so I replaced that this morning. No pilot light. Checked grounds and voltage, all fine. Voltage goes to the inducer fan, but the fan doesn't kick on. The motor is not warm, nor do I hear it vibrate. Full continuity between black and white wires. No clicks from the solenoid. Air pressure switch not clogged.

Any thoughts on what I should look at next?


  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Member Posts: 4,374
    If you have 120 volts to the inducer and it does not run then

    the boiler will not operate as the inducer has to come on which in turn causes the pressure switch to close which then triggers the electronics to get the pilot lit and the system running. Hence you need a new inducer motor!
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