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T-stats in Apts...

kcoppkcopp Member Posts: 2,774
I have a customer who is in need of a T-stat(s) that he can control or should I say pull the control away from his tenants....  I plan on using a tekmar 260 to control the oil boiler but they still crank up the temp to 78 all the time. Any thoughts/ suggestions?


  • icesailoricesailor Member Posts: 7,265
    Heat Control:

    If the building was built all at once, and there has been nothing in the way of renovations done to the heat emitting system, AND it was properly designed, you can use the Tekmar to control the inside temperatures with Out Door Reset (ODR) and control the temperature of the heating fluid in the system. That way, if the outside temperature goes up and down, the inside will go up and down too. If the chronic thermostat fiddlers have apartments that are on the high side of the curve, it won't work because the ODR must be set at a temperature high enough to heat the coldest apartments. And if DHW comes off the boiler, it won't won't work because you must maintain hot system water for DHW demand.

    The comfort levels of tenants are like the demands of little children. You will never make them all happy.
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    Easy with DDC

    We limit the adjustment range either explicitly (up button simply won't move display past 75F) or behind the scenes (display shows 79F or more, but space temp still limited to 75F.)

    Not sure what options Tekmar might have there...
  • RJRJ Member Posts: 484

    White Rogers makes a commercial t-stat that allows you to install 3 remote  sensors, you can set priority on different sensors   sensors are sold seperate, this is a 24volt heating cooling t-stat, in your case dont wire up cooling. I used in a 3 story bldg, I was controlling 1 reznor M.A unit, I had the t-stat on top floor and had the keypad locked out, I set mine up to take an average of all floors as the controlling set point.  sorry dont know part #   check with controlco in San Fran.  415-647-9445.
  • Honeywell visionpro+remote sensor

    Use the present wiring to mount the remote sensor of a Honeywell visionpro, and wire in the main visionpro control near the boiler in some secured place. It will run the system off the sensor.

    For a bit more money, tekmar makes a thermostat which can average 2 sensors, but if your system is well balanced, then a single sensor is probably enough.--NBC
  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,517
    tekmar 150

    I think the simplest thing to do would be to put a tekmar 150 in the boiler room and use your existing t stat wire for the sensor. I would just hide the sensor behind the existing t-stat. Leave the inoperable t stat in place to give the renter a sense of control.You would then set the temp you desire in the mechanical room.

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    Albert Einstein
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