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pennco atmosheric boilers

Paul_69 Member Posts: 251
could a roll out switch on a pennco atmospheric boiler 2 years old just be to hot where front combustion plate be because of lousy refractory insulation? rollout switched tripped one time only. draft good and boiler passages clean and seems to run perfectly and good combustion air etc.. i felt near the roll out switch is located and it seems to me that it is radiating to much heat even when running properly.i know you want to say there is danger but it runs great and cant find a fault and it has only done it once during two days of very cold weather. it also has a hood cover over the combustion area and that i think could help trap heat if it wasnt very well insulated on front plate. i called ecr and they said no to my question about insulation. but i kept saying that the panel seems to be giving off to much heat and the rollout swich on this boiler is almost kissing this plate.


  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    I would

    suggest getting someone in to inspect the unit. A rollout is designed to see a certain amount of heat and the manufacturer know's their system. It could be a combustion air issue and only occures under specific conditions. It's there to warn you of a problem and that issue must be located and corrected for safety (could be a pressure issue, a burner tube issue, to many thing's to guess at). If it is an issue with the refractory it needs to be corrected and should be done by a pro..
  • Paul_69
    Paul_69 Member Posts: 251
    re phrase

    i am a professional, i am asking question about this boiler because i have checked everything from pressure, comb. air, draft etc. it only happened one time this winter during cold spell where boiler was running often. i saw a post from Tim m. and dancando about these boilers running very hot in the combustion area,causing thermocouples to go often and dancando said these boilers had bad insulation on front panel that curls up and causes extra heat to radiate out metal combustion panel. i found this unit running properly but noticed that it seemed like the front panel was very hot and wires on top off roll out switch and plastic wire connectors going to top of roll out switch were heat worn. these wires are right next to this hot panel and roll out switch is under these wires so if flame was coming out it would trip switch more often and not cause wires to heat wear.i am just asking that could it be something to do with a insulate panel deficiency on these boilers and not be a combustion issue at all where this boiler seems to be running properly at least when i am there testing everything over. unless there is something going on that i am not seeing like lack of air or exhaust fans or something like that.just asking to see if this is a possibility and i know it is usually something more severe going on and i am a concerned tech just want to see if there could be something with boiler design flaw.again this only happened one time and hasn't happened again after many days and cycles,and by the way the customer reset switch i got called to check it out and i told them not to reset to call me first if happens again which it hasn't happened. i believe i am being consciences and pro fessional i am looking for some advice.
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    Didnt know that.. Have you tried putting a temp probe in the same location as the roll out to see what temp it is seeing? If close I would replace the insulation, if not I would replace the roll out...at the time of the test, I would turn on everything that could use air just to rule out a worst case situation...If there is a difference with things off/on I would add combustion air just so I dont ever have to wonder again..cheap insurance...
  • furnacefigher15
    furnacefigher15 Member Posts: 514
    Flame character

    Atmospherics can be tricky sometimes.

    I just wonder if the flames look lazy?

    I've been having a run on spiders and webs in gas manifolds this year. Seems like more then normal.

    An atmospheric burner could easily have a lazy flame from a orifice restricted by a spider web, and still have normal gas pressure and stack gases within a normal range.

    Just a thought.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,593
    Paul did you do a combustion

    analysis on this boiler? If so what did you have for readings, especially draft I am interested in. This could have been a one time thing due to some increased down draft from high winds, then again we really do not know what is going on if we do not test. I have to assume this was a one time thing because you state it has not happened again, that pretty much eliminates a plugged boiler etc. When was the last time this unit had a good cleaning? Flame roll-out can cause this along with a lack of secondary air or some restriction to air for combustion again that would typically be a reoccurring problem.
  • Paul_69
    Paul_69 Member Posts: 251

    tim to be honest all i did was check draft on this job -03. the boiler was spotless in the flue passages.
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