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Inline air bleeder for PEX

bradk Member Posts: 1
Is anyone aware of an inline air bleeder for PEX? I could also use an ell if necessary but it needs to be PEX. 3/4" "bleeder ells" were common in copper but I can't seem to find any in PEX. Thanks in advance for any help.


  • HDE
    HDE Member Posts: 225
    edited November 2010

    When it's necessary it is done at a installed bleeder on the pex manifold.
  • oldBrad
    oldBrad Member Posts: 1
    inline air bleeder for PEX

    Thank you for the answer, but it doesn't help! I need it for an elevated section of baseboard . . . there is NO manifold in the system and I am unable to isolate the loop of baseboard to pressure/flow purge it. I need the item I've asked for and will make it, adapt it or have it made, if I cannot purchase the item I've described. I have about a foot of PEX to work with where I can install it.
  • HDE
    HDE Member Posts: 225
    Drain Coupling

    A drain coupling (Bleeder up) and 2 ftg x pex adapters sweated together

  • Ironman
    Ironman Member Posts: 7,181
    Baseboard T

    You can also get a brass baseboard T (Looks like an Ell with an 1/8in. threaded port) and sweat two pex adaptors into it.
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  • Mark Eatherton
    Mark Eatherton Member Posts: 5,840
    edited November 2010
    Two words....

    Shark Bite....


    The system evidently wasn't properly designed and installed in the first place, because if it were, you wouldn't be attempting a bottom fill, top purge.

    Purging is usually done in the mechanical room where there is a floor drain.

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  • HDE
    HDE Member Posts: 225

    Amen to that
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