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Gas Furnace question

As you can tell, I am very green to home ownership. I do have another question, however. The previous owner had purchased a furnace in 2005, so it's relatively new. When we put the heat on above 74 degrees and it's running for a bit, the furnace emits large amount of if the pressure gets too high. When this happens, I check the psi gauge and it's only around 5 or 10 psi. Any idea as to what could be causing this? I'll post any additional information if needed.


  • Brian_74
    Brian_74 Member Posts: 237
    furnace or boiler?

    I think you have a boiler rather than a furnace. Your house is heated with hot water or steam, right? If it is, then you have a boiler. If it's heated with forced air, you have a furnace. Depending on what you have, you might want to try posting in a more specific forum, like Strictly Steam.

    I can tell you that if you have a steam system, 5-10psi is way too high. You don't really want it above 2psi, and it would be best to be lower.
    1929 Ideal Heating vapor system.
  • Breakthecycle2
    Breakthecycle2 Member Posts: 34

    Yeah, the house is heated with steam or hot water. Thanks for your feedback.
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,487
    It is either

    steam or hot water which is it?
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