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Quality Peripheral Items (e.g., circulator pump)

paule Member Posts: 17

I'm heavily leaning towards having a Heat Transfer Elite boiler and Superstor Ultra indirect installed.  Hopefully, these are good, quality products (maybe not as good as Viessmann; but, with any luck, close).  I'd also like to have installed good quality circulator pumps and the other little geegaws that go along with the installation.  The boiler guy was proposing to install Taco 007 circulator pumps and a 1/2 Bell and Gossett feed regulator --- these are the only items that he specified by brand.  There are also other items: temperature gauge, pressure gauge, 30 lb. relief valve, auto air vent, and condensate neutralizer.  Are there any brands that stand out?  Are there any brands that I should stay away from?

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!



  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,593
    How many zones do you have?

    Are you going with Primary/Secondary piping? You might depending on your system want to look at the new variable speed circulators such as Grundfos Alpha, Wilo, or Taco.

    Do you have baseboard, radiators for emitters? Did the installer say anything about outdoor reset or other related items when changing from a conventional boiler system to a MOD/CON boiler are needed?

    There are other things to consider but that is enough for now to get you started asking the right questions.
  • EricAune
    EricAune Member Posts: 432

    The boiler you have selected is a quality appliance,  Taco circulators are very dependable.  Almost all components used today are made with the highest standards.  Healthy competition amongst manufacturers has ensured that.

    Proper system design and installation, being a contractor in my opinion, is the most important step.  Tim McElwain lists some very valid topics for you to discuss with the potential contractor.  More in-depth information is available from Dan's books here on this site. 
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  • paule
    paule Member Posts: 17
    Quality Peripheral Items (e.g., circulator pump)

    Thank you both for the information!

     I haven't asked the contractor yet about whether he's using primary/secondary piping ... but from what little I understand, I don't think that's needed in my situation (a closed loop for a hydronic heating coil in a Spacepak air handler, and also our DHW needs).  If I'm wrong, I'd love to be corrected.


  • paule
    paule Member Posts: 17

    Well, it appears that I was wrong about the usefulness of primary/secondary piping in my situation ... at least according to the contractor.  He is planning on using it.

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