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Lead Tape

Very niffty of someone.Hi Professor!Keep on teaching us ,I just added that little trick into my own little bag of tricks.Add I can't wait to use it someday!


  • Eugene SilbersteinEugene Silberstein Posts: 1,380Member
    Lead Tape on Window Air Conditioners

    This is really neat.

    Last night in lab class, we opened up about 10 window units so the students could trace out the refrigerant circuit in a simple air conditioning system. As we were tracing out the circuit, we came across a strip of thick black sticky foam wrapped around the suction line. No, it wasn't suction line insulation, as the strip was only about one-inch wide.

    I called the manufacturer of the unit and was informed that this strip is actually lead tape and is used to reduce the vibration of the unit. The engineers determine the point in the system where the highest frequency vibration is and they put this strip of lead tape on the line to reduce the amount of noise generated.

    Who would've thunk it?

  • jp_2jp_2 Posts: 1,935Member
    why of course

    Who would've thunk it?

    why engineers of course!!!!

    i remember my friend years ago telling me how cool his vibrations course was in school.
  • Eugene SilbersteinEugene Silberstein Posts: 1,380Member
    Very Cool

    Will I be seeing you in Queens next Wednesday, Terry?
  • TechmanTechman Posts: 2,144Member
    ABCO Trade show

    Sorry,Professor,I just took on a big straighten out/repair/up grade/ on an 8000s.f. house and I will have to be there for days. And have some fun,I get to make up my own schematic's by tracing out every wire,then converting that into a ladder diagram.The 1st system took me 20hrs, and yes,I was paid!
  • don_185don_185 Posts: 312Member
    Lead tape

    Would that be the same as lead paint?

    I tore them off because, I could never hear any noise over the compressor.

    See what happen Terry.You get all this knowledge and you lose out on the quality time.

    See what you have done, Professor.

  • Eugene SilbersteinEugene Silberstein Posts: 1,380Member
    Not the same, Don

    Definitely not the same thing, Don. How are things down in lovely Virginia?
  • don_185don_185 Posts: 312Member

    Back to being crawl dog with some duct replacement jobs.

    I have some equipment for you..We'll have to get together after the holidays so you can get it in that new school of yours.

    I hope life is being kind to you.Take care!
  • Gtr-fanGtr-fan Posts: 1Member
    black tape on the sys

    There is 1 tape on the suction line next to the black plastic cover, but ther is another at the bottom at the liquid line, and so far, i didnt saw any stuff around it to crash and have the copper damaged.... anyway if engineer say so, it is so.....I guess....hehehe!
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