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Steam Heat problems

HitzKup_2 Member Posts: 45
try find a profesional far left top


  • Jennifer_5
    Jennifer_5 Member Posts: 1
    Steam Heat Problems

    I've been having a problem since Sunday, where everytime the heat kicks on - the one radiator in my bedroom spits out water through the little valve where usually only steam should come out.

    My husband is away on business and I'm stuck trying to solve this mystery. He says to flush the water in the system a few times b/c this could happen when the water is dirty. So, I spent 3 hours last night emptying & filling & emptying & filling the water - until it started to come out somewhat clear. This morning, when the heat kicked back on - I still had the same problem where it makes a gurgling sound and spits out water.

    Please help if you know the answer. I'm going nuts!

  • Dan_29
    Dan_29 Member Posts: 111
    spitting problem

    When your boiler water is dirty rising steam and/or surging water lifts the crud into the radiator and may clog the air vent preventing it from closing.

    Remove the offending vent and place it in a heated vinegar solution to soak for a while (this may loosen the mineral, rust and dirt deposits which prevent the vent from closing). Better yet, buy an new vent. Don't buy the cheap ones ($4) at the local big box store. Go to a plumbing supply store and pick up an adjustable vent ($15 approx. hoffman,dole or ventrite).

    Finally, when you flushed the boiler, did you refill only to the halfway point in the sight glass? If so, fine, if not, drain the boiler until the water is halfway up the sight glass. (I used to put it 3/4 up in past and this caused surging and spitting in the closest radiator to the boiler.)


    PS: Is the radiator steam input valve fully open?
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