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newyorker boiler ...how are they ?

gerry gill
gerry gill Member Posts: 3,078
didn't care fore them..went back to the burnham independance.

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  • me_12
    me_12 Member Posts: 6
    newyorker boiler ..how are they ?

    i need to change my 30 yr old boiler .
    my plumber told me to get a newyorker..

    any 1 have any info on these boilers?

    it's for residential use 210,000 btu gas , steam system
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
  • me_12
    me_12 Member Posts: 6

    steam ..natural gas
  • GW
    GW Member Posts: 4,693

    him why he likes that brand. I have a hunch he may not tell you what I believe to be the case... it's a cheaper boiler. Well, perhaps I should keep that thought to myself. The hot water boiler is this teensy little thing; I have no knowledge of the steam unit.

    What you're describing is not a small BTU input. You do NOT want a small (small in physical size) boiler; there are many very smart steam guys on this list that would second that motion.

    Take a few minutes and check out the manufacturer's data. How many gallons of water is it rated at? I'd highly recommend a boiler with lots of water, namely Peerless.

    You scare me when you say "plumber". Does this guy know steam, or does he just know how to put pipes together? I'm a plumber, but my heating skills surpass the heck out of average plumbers.

    For a real treat, take pictures of it and post them here when the job is done!

    Hope this helps!


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    Gary Wilson
    Wilson Services, Inc
    Northampton, MA
  • I'm a plumber,too

    I'm a plumber, too, but experinced with hyronics heating that other plumbers wouldn't touch it with ten foot pole.. As Gary said, we need more informations and wondering if the plumber is a real steam pro? New Yorker is off brand of (can't remmy which)a major boiler company... I'm a weil mclain boiler guy, with NO problem with the gaskets...
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    NY is a subsidiary....

    of Burnham...it most important that the installer knows his stuff...get referances..se his work/pictures...kpc

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  • Bob_88
    Bob_88 Member Posts: 8
    Look at others

    I have installed steam boilers for years and I have always had good luck with Peerless, or Smith, Keep in mind Both of these manufacturers make a good quality product and also their commercial line is also very reliable. Dont step over dollar bills to pick up pennys!!!
  • Long Beach Ed
    Long Beach Ed Member Posts: 1,210
    New Yorker

    I believe New Yorkers are basically discontinued Burnhams, which were great boilers. They will lack some of the newer features of the latest Burnham boiler but are very durable, well made and well designed. They are marketed as a quality lower-cost boiler.

    If you have to service the thing you'll appreciate the benefits and improvements on Burnham's present boiler. I believe it's well worthe the extra money.

    As others have said, sizing the boiler and designing the installation in a much more important factor. Did the plumber measure every radiator in the house? If not, get another guy. 210,000 BTU is a HUGE house boiler, and if it was sized only by looking at the old one it is probably GROSSLY oversized. That will cost you thousands in wasted gas every year.

    Get a guy who will size the boiler by surveying the connected radiators and will install it properly. The savings will buy you enough boilers to fill a bedroom.

    Long Beach Ed
  • nick z.
    nick z. Member Posts: 157
    New Yorker

    There are many of those NY around here. Used for hot water only. They seem to do just fine properly installed. Seen to of them rot out from IMO not being sized properly and bad piping. There less expensive because there steel.
  • mtfallsmikey
    mtfallsmikey Member Posts: 765
    I guess you could say

    That the New Yorker boiler retained the same basic design as the early Burnham's, which back in the day retained the basic design of the late-model Arcoliners. I've put a few in, they all performed well, but in the "new" age of expensive fuel, I would look at something else.
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