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Burham Boiler problem with aquastat

Tom_56 Member Posts: 7
I live in NJ and just had a a Burnham boiler (model =
204BCL-TEi2)installed. After 4 visits, the contractor still cannot get the well to exceed 180 deg. He replaced the Honeywell? aquastat 4 times to no avail. He "fixed" it by mouting a honeywell strap-on aquastat about 40" above the boiler, on the outbound pipe. Not only does contractor believe he fixed it, Burnham wrote me a letter accepting

Can ANYONE endorse this jury-rig. I am living in aquastat hell and cannot believe Burnham would support this. There is no logical reason that the operating specs, efficiency etc. would be the same with a remote aquastat.


Thanx, Tom.


  • A few things

    Is the contractor sure the temperature gage is accurate ? Did he use other means to measure the temp ? And did he change the well the aquastat probe sits in ? Did he make sure the bulb of the aquastat was all the way in the well ? You can change the aquastat alot of times , but if the well has a ding in it somewhere the bulb will not go past that point .

    From my past experience I'll guess its a faulty temp gage , or a dirty or bent up well . Chances are nil it was 4 bad aquastats in a row . Personal preference for me would have the aquastat in the boiler block , where it's supposed to be , but if Burnham says the strap on is ok , then it's ok .
    STEVE N Member Posts: 48
    I can't

    endorse that its a jury rig, but I would want the aquastat in the boiler block. I know this aquastat is only really a high limit, but you just bought a new boiler and it should be showroom perfect regardless what Burnham will accept. Chances are the guage may be off. Was the actual temp taken with a quality digital thermometer? They also send a heat conducting paste that should be installed in the well. The probe also does have to be inserted all the way in. If it were me... I would be abit suspicious too.

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