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Could I use my new stud detector to locate PAP?

hr Member Posts: 6,106
Wouldn't that be a nice feature. Plenty of times commercial radiant customers will want to bolt to the slab. When they ask where they can drill I tell them anywhere but over a tube!

Maping gets you close but tube really moves around, especially when they use pump trucks to place the mud. It can move a coulple inches side to side! I've watched it happen.

So with no one watching I torched the end of this Multi Cor pex al pex to remove the outer plastic layer. I connected a 24 v transformer (fused output) to either end.

Then I put the stud locater in the AC mode. Sure enough it laser points exactly the middle of the tube, regardless of where in the coil I scan!

Think this will work through 4" of concrete? What voltage should I juice it with? Maybe a pipe thaw machine?

What power do tone generators work with? I've priced those at over 300 bucks. This Zircon was $43.

hot rod

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  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Hmmm.... great idea... what about one of theose volt sticks

    maybe that would be a better deal with your lash up...and less expensive ?i just tried to send a honeywell sheet it didnt want to doit. :(it is thier AT150, AT175F Universal Circuit Breaker Transformer...it is like 70 va...
  • Carl PE
    Carl PE Member Posts: 203

    Think this will work through 4" of concrete?

    What happens if you set a 2" patio block on top of the tube? Can you still see it? How about a brick?

    What power do tone generators work with?

    Not very much. They run a long time on a 9V battery.

    I just sold one on ebay for $20. If you had posted this a week ago, I would have let you play with it..

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