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Off topic Slightly - Plumbing Vent



  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    you got it Jack

    And thats the type we ussually find around here and Yes I've pulled in the driveway and seen the tell tale over flow on the house.

    I have found some that where buried so deep as to be a major job to remove. One was under a twenty year old kitchen renovation. It was eight feet under a slb foundation buried in the ground. Some where I have a photo of an apprentice with his head level with the kitchen floor.

    Another was an estate that the house trap was buried fifteen feet under thier back patio. We needed a back hoe and thanks to reading about trench problems on the Wall, I demanded the backhoe company use trench shoring.

    House traps can be a nusance, but as PAH knows sometimes whats old can be new again.

    There's thousands of years of experience here on the wall.


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  • Dave Yates (PAH)
    Dave Yates (PAH) Member Posts: 2,162
    A recent court case

    Here's a kicker!

    Called in for a WC leaking, my guys found the sewer clogged instead. Doc's offices & it was late on a Fri & they didn't want OT. "Come back on Monday"

    FA vent in the mecadam that's up against the SOG building. Carpeted exam room on other side of wall - no visible indents to indicate CO's. Run KM1500 down WC line, only to encounter a solid block that measured out at the wall's edge. Matal detector pings by FA vent. Cut away blacktop - no co's! Fins co in parking lot where a car had been parked, pull cap and find line full of sludge. Run KM1500 down line - get bound and can't retrieve - good grief! Attach NaviTrak onto steel cables and trace to curb-line. Call in excavator - dig up line - find not one, but two lines!!! Turns out the building up the hill is connected here as well and their line (the lower of the two) is blocked, which caused the Doc's office to back up. An odd transition from CI to TC with a double TC 90-degree vertical offset and a few feet further along - at the curb - a chunk of TC was missing & that's where our cable wound itself into the sewage-saturated earth. Gravity and the compromised TC had allowed liquids to seep away while sludge remained - about a pick-up truck full of sludge in volume. Lines repaired, a video inspection revealed the City's TC lateral was missing a few chunks too. Called in, but refused to repair unless it collapses!

    All's well? No way. The continual back-up and sluggish drain had caused the Doc's line to fill with sludge too and his HT, which turned out to be inside under that carpet was full of waste too. Turned out there had been an addition added and rather than do it the right way (relo the trap set), they simply offset the FA vent.

    The Doc paid us and then sued the LL, who owned both buildings. His lease had a clause that any "sewer line work" was the LL's responsibility, while he was responsible for any "plumbing work". In court, the LL's lawyer kept hounding me to split hairs over the work - was it sewer line work or was it plumbing work? It's both to me, I said, but plumbing work encompases a much broader scope of things and sewer line work, which this most certainly is, falls under that broader term of plumbing. The tenant prevailed.

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  • [Deleted User]
    FartFanNugen Foto

    As seen on the roof of my mountain home. The solar fan is the dome shaped device on top. It's outlet is the slot around the base of the dome.

    I'm considering painting the riser betwixt the fan and the side inlet of the wye black to assist in the solar diffusion of the human pollution:-)

  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866

    I just read a study about antibacrerial soaps, the kind found in liquid hand soaps, dish detergents, kitchen sprays.
    They say they have no increase in reducing colds, flu, infections etc..
    over ordinary soap and water. And may cause resistant strains of viruses.
    In addition , and this is important, the ingredient tricosan, which kills bacteria,
    has been found in sewers, lakes, and rivers, and kills algae. And is also not
    reccommended in private sewers and septic systems, where it kills aerobic and anaerobic bacterias.
    The FDA may ban its use in 2007.
    So, I ran around the house reading the ingredients in my soap, shampoos etc..
    Most of the stuff I can't pronounce or spell.
    Why do we need this stuff, and where does it all go?

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