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balancing problems

Joel_3 Member Posts: 166
You did not mention if this was a replacement unit or a new house with all new ductwork in it . if new is there a return in each bedroom ?

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  • Jim_71
    Jim_71 Member Posts: 1
    unhappy customer

    Hello. I installed a new forced hot air system and the customer keeps complaining that his 3 bedrooms are 4 degrees cooler then the rest of the house and his bathroom downstairs is 1 degree cooler. I have been to his house to balance out the system 3 times and nothing seems to make this guy happy. What is the proper ratio for degree changes room to room? The theromstat is calling for the right temperature, so what should I do? Thanks Jim
  • jp_2
    jp_2 Member Posts: 1,935
    1 degree cooler?

    thats called instrument error! guys wacko....
  • Nron_13
    Nron_13 Member Posts: 164

    look up the Ashrae standards for heaing systems 3-4 degrees is in the acceptable range for room difference
    I have been homes that are as high as 9 F difference in rooms
  • Matt_21
    Matt_21 Member Posts: 140
    every room should

    be within 1 to 2 degrees. you can't get the whole house exactly the same but it should be close. 4 degrees is too much difference. did you use a balancing hood to balance the rooms? you may have to almost close the dampers in the room where the thermostat is located to let the system run longer to try to get the temp up in the bedrooms.
  • Gene_3
    Gene_3 Member Posts: 289
    you may have to

    run the blower 24/7. This is not new in commercial, in residential it's becoming more common, esp with the new variable speed motors that slow down after a cycle. When there is 1 tstat you cannot get the entire house to be the same temp, that's why we invented zoning. You could change the stat to one that allows programming the blower to run for certain hours of the day, when they're home.

    Try rebalancing first with a hood but I believe you have stratification that can't be overcome without running the blower.

    I got this from some site a while back, maybe Trane, not sure, this may help -- “the blower should run constantly -- all the time -- it should never shut off. In many ducted forced warm air systems, blowers are adjusted to run intermittently, only when the heating and cooling element is on. This is ineffective in any ducted air handling system. No ducted air handling system can produce total indoor comfort unless the blower runs all the time. In most well-engineered, big commercial ducted central air handling systems, you will usually find that the blowers run constantly. There are sound reasons for this. Cleansed, conditioned air moves through the duct system when -- and only when -- the blower is operating. As this air enters the rooms through the perimeter diffusers, it draws room air into the supply air stream, setting all the air in the room into gentle, even motion. You would not sense this movement of the room air in terms of its motion; rather you will sense that the air surrounding you is constantly renewed and that the atmosphere is pleasing and fresh. If the air is not moving, you may soon feel that the air seems to "hang heavily" around you and that the atmosphere is oppressive.”

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