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radiant greens

J Matthers_2
J Matthers_2 Member Posts: 140
With the Masters Golf Tournament coming this week, thought it would be interesting for you "wetheads" to see what is just beneath the surface at Augusta. How do you do a heat loss on a golf green. Check this link out. http://www.golfdigest.com/majors/masters/index.ssf?/majors/masters/gd200404belowaugusta.html


  • Tim Doran
    Tim Doran Member Posts: 208
    Turf Conditioning

    We have done lots of turf conditioning including several NFL stadiums and a few MLB fields. Give me a call if the Atlantic is interested in all season greens.

    Tim D.
  • Tom_35
    Tom_35 Member Posts: 265
    But Tim---

    Can Wirsbo guarantee the the pex will stay in your plates and not fall out under the greens? :-)
  • J Matthers_2
    J Matthers_2 Member Posts: 140
    All year long

    I'm not going to push it here at Atlantic. I like the down time in the winter, I get to do heating projects!
  • Don \"Grumpy\" Walsh
    Don \"Grumpy\" Walsh Member Posts: 184
    Radiant heated golf course

    A few years back while sitting around with my buddy, the one that owns the golf course, the idea came up for discussion. Since it takes a bit over 50 acres of ground for the tee boxes, fairways, and greens, a few scribbled calculations determined it would take just a bit under 33 MILLION lineal feet of 5/8" pex (not counting mains or headers or anything else.) Then we decided that IF "that" were affordable, it would take somewhere around 290,000 cu ft of natural gas per hour to fire the boilers, or somewhere around $2600 per hour! Based on the amount of play required to offset the heating of the course, it was determined that a round of golf would cost right around $1950. just to amortize the cost of materials and to cover the fuel bill. Since the course would have to be heated 24/7, we decided that we would have to install lighting for night time golfing, but somewhere between the billions of kilowatts, 60 foot poles with sodium vapor lighting, and the 6th or 7th Molsen Golden, the calculations were abandoned until additional "research" could be performed. That, and the fact that a big gooey triple cheese and pepperoni pizza had been plunked down right on top of our abacus.
  • J Matthers_2
    J Matthers_2 Member Posts: 140

    has the radiant heating and cooling under two greens the 12th and 13th, both are shaded. under the rest and some of the fairways they have an air system that pumps fresh air to dry them if too wet but, more importantly, supply H2O to the root system for healthy growth. Can't cut the grass to 1/8 inch if it dosn't have health roots!

    With the dues charged there and the TV income for the Masters they can afford to play with this stuff.
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