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Hiding Wet return

BostonGC Member Posts: 21
Any issues putting a wet return under the new basement floor we are pouring?

We are moving a house built in 1865 and are adding a 2 car garage under(in order to preserve the architecture from the street and add a garage). The existing wet return is in the way, so I think it can simply be dropped under the floor as long as it winds up back at the boiler. It is supposed to be filled with water to the water line, correct?

Any issues? (Except making sure we check for leaks before pouring the cement) Has anyone done this before?


  • yup

    Insulate it, prevent the insulation from ever becoming wet, and leave room in the 'crete for the pipes to expand and contract lengthways. Provide valves and cleanouts so that it can be flushed and drained periodicly with a hose. Provide it in such a way that the crud doesn't go through the boiler when the new line is flushed.

    Before you pour, take pictures and measure where it is, in case someone has to look for it. Write this info on the concrete, nearby, or it will get lost. No kidding.

  • BostonGC
    BostonGC Member Posts: 21
    noel - what type

    of insulation should be used? Is that to protect from freezing or movement inside the concrete?

    good ideas on the cleanouts - didn't think of that.

  • Suitable for burial

    If it gets wet, it changes from insulator to conductor.

    Find out what's out there.

    Hot Rod uses something, as I recall. I forget what.

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