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Pressure problem w/ Teledyne

this is a conventional hookup, circulating domestic hot water between the storage tank and the volume heater, with the domestic cold entering the line between the storage tank and the heater.

The expansion tank should absorb the extra fluid volume when the water is being heated and there is no demand. My guess is that the air charge in the expansion tank was not adjusted up to match the cold pressure in the system. As a result, water is being pushed into the tank when the ssytem is cold, and there is no room in the tank for expansion. Disconnect the expansion tank from the system and check the air charge. It should be at least equal to the setting of the PRV you installed. If it's not, add air (oil-free) to bring it up.


  • Scott Kohler
    Scott Kohler Member Posts: 1
    Teledyne Pressure Problem

    I've got a Teledyne PW0715IN09C1AC Copper boiler being used to heat the domestic hot water f/ a party supply company. The boiler is feeding a scullery machine and 3 industrial laundry machines. The problem we're experiencing is a significant pressure increase ( from 60# to 150# ) every time the boiler fires. Of course this causes the relief valve to blow. We were originally called to this job because the storage tank had expanded. The tank was of course replaced as well as the expansion tank and the pump on the boiler. We added a pressure reducing valve to the incoming water and the boiler heat exchanger was taken apart to make sure there were no restrictions causing the pressure jump. We also isolated the boiler to make sure there were no "outside" influences causing the pressure jump. We're officially stumped and would appreciate anybody's thoughts on this matter.
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