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Trip Waste

Linkzsgo Member Posts: 6
To all the plumbers out there, I am looking for a self adjusting bath-tub trip waste & overflow. I have seen it advertized in MP over the years.



  • Robert O'Connor_7
    Robert O'Connor_7 Member Posts: 688
    What exactly

    do you mean by self adjusting? Robert O'Connor/NJ
  • Ken_8
    Ken_8 Member Posts: 1,640
    Not only what do you mean,

    but why would anyone want a "self-adjusting" trip lever?

    You set it - it works. Why would it need to be adjusted after being installed and adjusted at that time?

    Further, adjust what? The throw? The height of the drain stop?

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  • bob young
    bob young Member Posts: 2,177
    bath waste

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  • watco

    Watco also makes a self adjusting tub waste.

    Eventually all self adjusting strip their little snap ring and it's back to replacing.

    I still prefer the central Brass 1655X... learn how to install them correctly and you will have no problem:-)

  • Linkzsgo
    Linkzsgo Member Posts: 6
    Trip Waste Update...

    We looking for a self adjusting bath-tub trip waste & overflow because we want to stop the call back on the new installs. If its Self adjusting it will adjust it self even if our tech forgets to.


  • Linkzsgo
    Linkzsgo Member Posts: 6
    Bath Trip Waste

    Steve, Thank for the info I will check into both the Watco and the Central Brass.

  • EJW
    EJW Member Posts: 321

    Thats part of there job. Ajust the toilets, check water temp at faucets, bleed air out of water lines etc. etc., and oh yeah make sure the tub holds water.
  • Ken C.
    Ken C. Member Posts: 267
    EJW's got a good point

    If your guys aren't paying attention to minor (but important) details, maybe they're not the guys you want working for you. Then again, it seems that more and more new construction plumbers skip the details in the rush to "get it done." Speed rules in new work. I'm not saying all guys who do new work push speed over quality, but again, it seems the majority do.
  • Robert O'Connor_7
    Robert O'Connor_7 Member Posts: 688
    Pretty soon...

    The water for the urinals will too go by the way side with the new waterless urinals. As far as trip levers go, why not try an all glued plastic one. We just did a small residential apartment building where I purchased the drain that comes with an American Standard Americast tub and they sent the overflow & shoe but you have to cut the pipe and glue it together, the trip was a wire/cable type... I was skeptical at first but it worked great..Robert O'Connor/NJ
  • Randy Tibbits
    Randy Tibbits Member Posts: 91
    A bad batch

    We must of had a bad batch of keeney trip wastes. We would make the adjustment and later it would fail. I've been thinking about going to toe taps.
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Ever try the Watco toe tap

    tub drains? I have them on my tubs and they work great. No trip lever, linkage, hair catchers, etc. They flow a bit faster also without the stopper linkage and other stuff in the way.

    They also use sch 40 glue tees and fittings, instead of slip joints, so the are very strong should someone jam a snake down em someday.

    I also use them on my lav wastes, eliminates that extra knob and junk under the counter. This waste also allows me to use a nicer high neck faucet, like a Grohe bar faucet. Easier to get a drink in the middle of the night from a high neck lav faucet :)

    hot rod

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