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Help-Water Level Increases on its own!

Dave_28 Member Posts: 5
The water level of my system increases on its own...The system is manual feed...The valve is not leaking...I have shut down the house water main and the level increases anyway...I have flushed the low water many times while the boiler is at pressure and also while it is at zero pressure...The water is fairly clean. The system works great otherwise...No noise or water hammer at all...Nice balanced heat from the radiators...Any Ideas? I'm stumped.


  • Kevinj
    Kevinj Member Posts: 67
    Water gain

    Do you have buried returns ????
  • Robert O'Connor_4
    Robert O'Connor_4 Member Posts: 88
    do you

    have a hot water coil in the boiler?

    Are you sure the feed valve is reallly closing ? Lots of old valves don't close properly after a time. I would install a nice new ball valve on the feed line if you don't already have one.


  • Dave_28
    Dave_28 Member Posts: 5
    Water Level

    I've got my eye on the ball valve...Its relatively new but you never know...I doubt this is the culprit though. thanks.
  • Dave_28
    Dave_28 Member Posts: 5
    Water Gain

    Thanks...The returns are not buried and the low water is blown down using a bucket...This is a strange problem...I need all the help I can get.
  • Dave_28
    Dave_28 Member Posts: 5
    Hot water coil

    I do have a tankless hot water coil...It is relatively new though, say 3 years...Think it may be leaking?
  • Kevinj
    Kevinj Member Posts: 67

    Isolate the coil and see if the problem goes away.....
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