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system analysis

Reno, NV
Reno, NV Member Posts: 2
I would like some help in deciding what to do with my gas-fired baseboard & hw system. The boiler is a slant/fin galaxy gg-200, (early 1980's??). I have 2 zones (upstairs/down), simple rectangles heating 950 sq ft. I also am the proud owner of a Rudd 119 gal elec water heater ca. 1979.

Will a new "equivalent" heater be more efficient? how much?

The Biggest Headache at the moment is the h/w heater, as i want to change it out for gas but learned that i have to run another 3/4 gas line since its 30' from the svc meter. I'm considering an indirect heater (a bit smaller than 120 gal) but am concerned about the life and efficency of the Slnt fin. Looks like big $ for a complete system. Any words of wisdom before I start making calls would be great


  • Joe_13
    Joe_13 Member Posts: 201
    How BTU's on the boiler?

    For 950 sq ft it's probably a small boiler, unless it's oversized for the job. 120 gal is a big tank. Use a lot of hot water? You boiler might not be able to handle a large hot water load. If the boiler is well maintained, there should't be a problem zoning on an indirect. You might need some boiler controls for HW priority to give all the BTU's to the indirect when it calls for heat. Check out the recovery rates for some indirects and see if the rates match your needs and your boiler ouput is enough to recover in a reasonable amount of time. Bottom line: the cost of the extra gas piping and a gas hot water tank will be cheaper then getting an indirect tank and all the zoning hardware.
  • Reno, NV
    Reno, NV Member Posts: 2

    Its 200,000 btu input, 167k cap or 145k H2O net. i guess that makes it 73% eff. Is this boiler worth keeping? The house is 1900 sq ft total up and down. The only complaint is that the room at the ends of the zones seem to be quite cool compaired to the 1st rooms-- there is probably nothing that can be done about this, except add more zones.

    The hw heater is, well, an oversized POS to say the least. I guess I'll be running more gas pipe. Thanks.
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