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taco vortex

Bruce Member Posts: 27
Is the taco vortex an air scope or more like a spirovent.I guess is what a want to know is does the vortex need this 18" straight run before it can work properly.
Thanks Bruce


  • EricR_2
    EricR_2 Member Posts: 43
    According to Taco

    "no minimum length of pipe required after bend or elbow"
    and they say no more than 10 ft/sec flow rate. Hope this answers your question.
  • Bruce
    Bruce Member Posts: 27
    Thanks Eric

    What does that equal to in a 3/4 copper pipe @ 2-3 gpm
  • Terry
    Terry Member Posts: 186

    Velocity (feet per sec) = GPM divided by; (3.12 x Pipe Area (si))

    or.. GPm over Pi times pipe area (std)
  • EricR_2
    EricR_2 Member Posts: 43
    I may be wrong but

    I think 10 ft/sec using 3/4" pipe comes out to 15gpm, but you might want to wait for someone else to post a reply.
  • Art Pittaway_2
    Art Pittaway_2 Member Posts: 80
    I cheat with

    my B&G SystemSyzer calculator. 3gpm in 3/4" copper is 2 ft/sec. I think B&G has an electronic version on their web site and it should give the same answers.
  • Bruce
    Bruce Member Posts: 27
    If i only run 2 ft/sec.

    will the vortech still work Bruce
  • Mark Chaffee
    Mark Chaffee Member Posts: 30
    Yes, It will work

    Yes, It will work. The max ft/sec is based on the ASHRAE recomendations for velocity noise not the effect on air separation.

    - Mark Chaffee
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