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How critical is the 18 inches



  • Cosmo
    Cosmo Member Posts: 159
    There are ways to get around the air separators....

    I tried this out on the last injection loop system I out together and I think it works well. Not very hard to figure out if you think like water, however you need a little room. As you may see from the pic, the injection loop enters the secondary loop from above, and it is good pratice to keep at least a foot of straight pipe before and after the closely spaced t's. I did the initial purge, then ran the pumps without heat for about 20 minutes and the air was gone out the spirovent. WOuld have used a regular air scoop except for the clearance problem, no room for much straight pipe before the air separator inlet. I have to go back and wire up the Tekmar goodies next month!!
    Cripes, I just noticed that the pics I took were way under exposed, I should have known when the flash wasn't that bright.....Will go back soon for better pics.
    Dependable P.H.C. Inc.
  • Jamie Pompetti
    Jamie Pompetti Member Posts: 82

    They cost just as much as a Spirovent and I don't think they are nearly as nice!

    Can be purchsed from Bell and Gosset Distubutors.

    These puppies haave been around for mopre than 50 years. The air eliminator is piped directly into the boiler.

  • Glenn Harrison
    Glenn Harrison Member Posts: 405

    If your are refering to the B&G Airtrol Boiler fittings, B&G has stopped making those. This from a B&G/Bornquist Rep
    at a B&G mini class I attended a couple of months ago.

    Glenn Harrison Residential Service Tech

    Althoff Industries Inc. Mechanical and Electrical Contractors

    Crystal Lake, Illinois
  • Dan Schaffer_2
    Dan Schaffer_2 Member Posts: 1
    minimum pipe run

    The EAS has no minimum pipe run requirements.

    The Air-Trol Boiler Fittings are no longer available from
    Bell & Gossett.

    Dan Schaffer - Bell & Gossett
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