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Refrigerant HX -DF

JimGPE_3 Member Posts: 240
If you are ALWAYS going to condense in the water heat exchanger, that's not too hard. Many companies can help you with this. If you want to switch between condensers, say to an air cooled condenser when the pool water is already hot, this gets a LOT more complicated. You'll need a receiver to store refrigerant to get you over the hump when you are switching condensers and have a full charge condensing in one of them. You gotta know what you are doing then. And only two companies make the change-over valves, and they can be VERY twitchy. This is not for the faint of heart.

Oh, and I don't think your compressor will be under warranty any longer.

Lastly, a 5-ton unit will reject 5 tons of heat plus the compressor heat, or about 60MBH x 1.25 = 75,000 Btu/hr.


  • Dan Foley1
    Dan Foley1 Member Posts: 55

    I am looking for a refrigerant to water heat exchanger that will transfer waste heat from a 5 ton A/C unit that is used 12 months a year. It would be used to supplement a pool/spa/DHW system. TIA -DF
  • Marty
    Marty Member Posts: 109


    There are companies that make heat reclaim systems for both air conditioning and refrigeration but 5 tons alone probably is not worth all the time,money and added maintence nevermind the risk of losing the condensor and filling up the system with water.
  • Paul_6
    Paul_6 Member Posts: 88
    Is this a water cooled

    unit now? If not you may be reinventing the wheel. if you have an air cooled unit you can't just put the water cooled unit in series. the shell and tube condensor would have to be in place of, or in parallel with the air cooled, and while i have done it, it isnt going to be real cost effective for a 5 ton unit. you will need new expansion valves, a stainless shell and tube, a liquid receiver (with heaters), a head pressure regulating valve, a water regulating valve, and a pump at the very least. for as much as you will spend on all of this I think you could get a water cooled heat pump, with a stainless steel heat exchanger. just a thought on it. Paul

    Ps. have you plotted the units performance on a phsyc chart to see just how much heat of rejection is available? I probably wouldn't consider it if it isn't fully loaded all the time.
  • Sherwin Swords
    Sherwin Swords Member Posts: 13
    waste heat recovery

    Consider a water source heat pump. There are numerious companies on the market, Bard, Florida heat pump,
    Water Furnace, Addison, are a few that I can think of. The waste water can be used to circulate thru a coil, that pre heats water for domestic use. It's a little more complicated than described, so be sure to locate some one who has experience in this field. If all equipment is not sized, and set up correct, it will not work well. Some of these companies also offer heat recovery units that can be connected to your existing a/c condenser. Again, find some one with experience, and a good reputation. Get some up front prices, and Recover rate so you will know what your pay back time is. Good luck.
  • Wayco Wayne
    Wayco Wayne Member Posts: 615
    Hey Dan

    Flat Plate has refrig to water heat exchangers. 1-888-854-2500. (BYW, As per our conversation last week, DC requires a plumbing permit for boilers because of the water line hooking it up, and a gas permit for the gas line. From now on I add some money in my bid for a plumber to pull my permits because my master hvac does not apply to pulling permits for boilers)

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  • billygoat22
    billygoat22 Member Posts: 124
    water heat

    you could switch the old unit for a new system which is made just for heating water with waste heat. I have seen them in the R E Michaels catalog, a hvac supplier
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