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Honeywell Outdoor Reset Control

JTel Member Posts: 12
Anyone out there ue this control (AQ475)? I had a problem with the ten second circulator "post purge" dead heading my pump against my 2 zone valves. Also the pump exercising feature of the control looks like it will be a problem too. Honeywell tech support had no answers for me...


  • leo g_14
    leo g_14 Member Posts: 2
    need a bypass

    not for the heart, but for the exercise! in our regulations, it is stated that any time a circ can run when there are no zones open, a pressure relief bypass (or whatever you call em in your neck of the woods) must be installed. before this we use to just use a throotled bypass.

    leo g
  • BillW@honeywell
    [email protected] Member Posts: 1,099

    The circ exercising mode is automatic, and runs the circ pump for 10 seconds every 72 hours to help prevent the pump from seizing up during the summer months. I'm not sure what you mean by a "10 second postpurge". The piping should include a pressure relief bypass to prevent deadheading the pump against closed valves.
  • Mark J Strawcutter
    Mark J Strawcutter Member Posts: 625
    10 seconds

    I don't see any mention in the documentation that this control does a post purge - perhaps it an undocumented feature?

    I know running a pump dead-headded is a bad thing, but will 10 seconds every 72 hours be enough to cause a problem?

  • JTel
    JTel Member Posts: 12

    Maybe "post purge" was the wrong phrase. With this control after the thermostat satisfies, the circ. will run for ten more seconds to give off excess heat in the loop. When my tstat satisfies the zone valve closes but the circ still runs for 10 seconds everytime. But i guess bypass is the way to go, but i think honeywell should tell you that in their installation manual. My other option is to wire all of my heat zones into a seperate relay box and not use the honeywell relay on the aquastat. This way the pumps will run and shut down "normally".
  • BillW@honeywell
    [email protected] Member Posts: 1,099

    I will pass that on to the marketing guys for the next revison of the cut sheet. Thanks for using Honeywell products!
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