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Peerlees boiler sections.

I need 1 left hand end section and 3 intermediate sections

10 push nipples and the gasket material between the sections.

Hope some one can be of help



  • Some more info

    Peerless makes a wide variety of boilers . Do you have the model number of the boiler ?
  • Lawrie bruton_2Lawrie bruton_2 Posts: 3Member
    Peerless sections

    The boiler is a model 170-17-S

  • I am unfamiliar with that model

    It must be a big boiler if you want to just replace some sections , rather than the whole block ? Or are you building a new boiler with sections you have left over ?
  • John@Reliable[email protected] Posts: 379Member
    Peerless Parts

    Check out this is there home site w/rep. links hope this helps
  • Lawrie bruton_2Lawrie bruton_2 Posts: 3Member
    Peerless boiler sections

    we are re-buiding the boiler in a school it will remain the same size

    we have checked with peerlees and the parts are not available

  • John@Reliable[email protected] Posts: 379Member
    Peerless parts

    Lawrie, check that link I posted and start calling some reps. you will find someone,even if they don't have them that can lead you to them somewhere.
  • keithkeith Posts: 224Member

    I am checking our inventory this A:M:. We have some peerless sections from an inventory buy out. I am not sure what series they are but will get back to you sometime today.
  • Phil_2Phil_2 Posts: 4Member
    Peerless Parts

    Try H.C. Oswald, 120 E. 124th St. New York, N.Y. 10035
    Phone 212-722-7000 Fax 212-860-2843
    I have been able to get sections and parts for various obsolete boilers from them. They don't have a web page as far as I know. Good Luck.
  • keithkeith Posts: 224Member

    I did not get you that section info. Were you able to track down what you need?
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