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I dont service A/C, but...

chuck shawchuck shaw Member Posts: 584
I normally dont service A/C, but a friend called, and said she was having a problem with her cooling. The second floor was doing great, but the first floor just wouldn't get comfortable. I asked her where her thermostats were set, and if they were on "cool" (T-87F, with heat/cool plate). She said she was set on 74, and yes, she was on cool. I went over to take a look. Her 2nd floor thermostat was a heat/cool, controling forced hot water baseboard for the 2nd floor, and A/C for the whole house. Her first floor thermostat controlled the baseboard on the first floor. Both were set at 74*F. The A/C was fighting the baseboard. This will probally explain her next question, about her gas bill being higher than she expected this summer.

She purchased the house from a builder about 10mths ago. I don't think anyone bothered to explain the operation of the heating and cooling systems to her. Just grabed her 300K and walked away.

Chuck Shaw

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  • Dale W.Dale W. Member Posts: 41
    Keep the fan on.

    If this house only has one air conditioner and two stories, she will be much more comfortable with the fan running continuously.
    Since cold air is heavier it's wants to fall to the first floor. The warmer air will rise to the second floor. This warmer air then heats up the thermostat on the second floor and turns the air conditioner on.

    By running the fan continuously, the thermostat will only turn the condensing unit on and off. The fan will continue to grab hot air from the second floor and cold air from the first floor and mix these two at the air handler. This tempered air will then be sent to the two floors and keep the differential down to 4-5 degrees. I've seen some two story homes with a 15-18 degree differential between the two floors when the fan is allowed to cycle off with the thermostat.

    This is an easy fix for most of the bad duct designs.

    Dale Wegman
  • don_9don_9 Member Posts: 395
    good eyes

    chuck,I bet the yard near the drain lines was a swamp.
    Did you give her two bills or only one?Good thing she did not call a hvac contactor with flat rates she would had three bills,diagnostic fee,not enough cooling,high gas bill=$$$$$ and they don't even wear a mask.
    I better shut up now,Any how good call chuck.don
  • don_9don_9 Member Posts: 395
    Sorry Guys

    I did not mean to imply that all who use flat rate are crooks,I flat rate a lot of work also.Its been a week of going back on a couple of companys that feel that its open
    season when breaking out the book.Again my apology did not
    mean to offend anyone. don
  • EarthfireEarthfire Member Posts: 543

    there are crooks that do T&M and there are crooks that do flate rate. But the biggest CROOKS are the guys that cut corners and lowball just to keep working. Gentlemen and Ladies, We are engaged in a PROFESSION not a job. We must all first take pride in the QUALITY of our work, and show respect for our customers and product. Then and only then will we get the respect we deserve and crave. If you want a JOB grab your lunch kettle and punch someone elses time clock. You will make more money at the end of the year, and the Family will know what you look like. If you want to be in business ,RUN A BUISNESS,. A business owners job is to maximise PROFIT while providing a QUALITY product, and compensating their employees fairly. Without PROFIT( and not fake enron profit but real greenbacks) a business can not do its job and is nothing more then a soul crushing JOKE of a HOBBY.
  • don_9don_9 Member Posts: 395
    I agree

    Wise words to live by.
  • sharkhansharkhan Member Posts: 1

    can some one please help me with advice, I need a yearly plbg/htg service contract for my house, but I need to know what is covered for the period and cost, and what to look for in a service contract. single family home, 3 bathrooms, gas boiler,kitchen typical home. sharkhan
  • I see you made it here

    Hi Sharkhan.

    I suggest you ask your question in a new thread at the top, it'll get more attention.

    Good luck, Brian.

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