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Taco's VT2218 Delta T circulator

Dave H_2
Dave H_2 Member Posts: 520
OK everyone,
There has been a lot of work going on at Taco and places like this help find and get the word out. This is a followup to @Franktg78 post a little while ago.

Here is what happened with the VT2218 circulator production.
There was a display issue, not a performance issue. There is a circuit board internally between the display and the controller of the circ, basically the controller for the display.

After some exhaustive digging around, some sleuthing, testing and more testing this is what we found.

This control board did not have its software correctly installed so therefore it will not tell you the current watt draw, nor will it tell you the GPM. The circ will read "07 WATTS 00 GPM" whether it is running in Delta T mode, fixed speed mode, any mode or setting you choose. However, it will still operate in whatever mode you have it programmed. The buttons still operate as intended.

So, what is affected out there? If you have a date code that shows between 0422 and 0423, the display may be compromised. The date code represents a month and year; we predate these circs by 4 months to allow for the circulators warranty based upon the time it take to leave Taco, go to our reps warehouse, get to the wholesaler and then to the jobsite. So that means that these circs were built between December 2021 and December 2022.

If your circulator falls within the date code above, is installed and the display is working properly, there is nothing you need to do. It will not fail later. This is a right out of the box situation

What do you do about it if you have one that has the incorrect display? Contact your wholesaler and your local Taco Rep. They will help you out. This is a high priority for us here at Taco so getting replacements back out is important. We are working with supply chain to get new circuit boards and chips (these things are in such high demand; every business sector has a rough time getting them). There is no in the field fix or programming that can be done. If you have one that has not been used or installed, still contact your distributor and local Taco rep.
Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Dave H
Dave H
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  • ScottSecor
    ScottSecor Member Posts: 644
    Nice to see a company stand behind there product. Thank you!
  • Mad Dog_2
    Mad Dog_2 Member Posts: 3,942
    Nobody stands behind their gear like Taco.  Any issues, no questions asked. The Taco People i.e., The White Family, Dave Holdorf, John Barba and the rest show their client contractors great love and respect!   Thanks again for helping me out the other day Dave!   Mad Dog 🐕.