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Help Fitting Upgraded Main Vent in Tight Space

alexh Member Posts: 10
Hello all,

I have crappy Home Depot venting through my house on my 1 pipe steam heat system and finally ordered all new Gorton vents for the mains and radiators. I determined I need one Gorton #1 (to vent 27' of 2.5" pipe) and one Gorton #2 (to vent 77' of 2.5" pipe).

My first question relates to the linked images below. There is 11" between the header T and the ceiling. If I were to add a 4" nipple (is this long enough?), the Gorton #2 would clear the ceiling by a quarter inch, but I wouldn't be able to turn it since the joist is in the way. What's the optimal solution here? Do I use a few elbows to get away from the joist? If so, how do I ensure there's no horizontal piping on the way to the main vent?


Thanks for your help,


  • Waher
    Waher Member Posts: 231
    45 degree street elbow
    close/short nipple
    a union
    close/short nipple
    45 degree elbow w/ the vent screwed into it

    The union would allow you to get the top half of the nipple assembly together in a tighter space than trying to screw the parts + the vent in individually.
    Long Beach Edethicalpaulmattmia2
  • Mad Dog_2
    Mad Dog_2 Member Posts: 6,694
    Go as high as you can but leave a little space just below flooring above for future removal. You CAN pipe them over and away to achieve this but just make sure you pitch the nipples and piping BACK toward the main. I like to use Blue Monster and Megaloc for the joints, so they are easy to come out down the line. Good Luck Mad Dog
  • Waher
    Waher Member Posts: 231
    edited January 2023
    I forgot to add, because I didn't know this either in the beginning, but wash all of your new black iron pipe with dish detergent before you put it together to get all of the oils/metal residue off to keep those contaminants from finding their way into your new vents and the boiler water. The pipe dope/tape (only use BlueMonster tape if you go the tape route) will adhere better to clean pipe as well.
  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,402
    I'd use 2 45's (or one 45 and a street 45) and a longer nipple(maybe about 8" or so) to relocate it to somewhere in the joist bay.