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[Mostly solved!] Wiring question: replacing an L8148E with AquaSmart 7610B

Gannon Member Posts: 20
edited December 2022 in Thermostats and Controls
Updated 8 hours after the original post:

When your pregnant wife is freezing, you end up making executive decisions. For this one, I determined that sentence in the manual made no sense. The ZVC is standing in for the thermostat as far as the boiler cares, so you know what I did? I just ignored that sentence.

Hooked the 7610B up like a person would expect. And the thing just worked. A Christmas miracle.

If anybody has tips on connecting the GVD-5 damper, do please share. For now, that damper jumper is staying right where it is.

Thank you to this forum for being such a helpful place and maybe somebody will google this stupid sentence from the manual someday and figure out that they can ignore it.


Switching relay gave out on my L8148E1257. I've gotten it working for the time being through curse words and banging--a la the Dad in A Christmas Story--but it's on its last legs now.

I have an AquaSmart 7610B coming today that I hope can save the holidays.

Looking at the manual, switching out the controls seems easy enough, but there's just a bit of wording that's throwing me off.
  1. The Beckett manual states "B2, TW and TR terminals replace TV, T and Z, respectively." I am not sure I follow this. I added a proposed wiring diagram below to show my understanding of replacing TV-B2 and T-TW; Z is jumped to W on the L8148E, so I am unclear what should run to TR in that case. This leaves me with nothing going to TR on the 7610B, which doesn't seem right. If this sentence didn't exist, this would feel much more simple.
  2. I believe the L6006C aquastat exists to measure pipe temp and manage the differential. Seems that 7610B will take care of that via its temp. sensor on the pipe. Is the L6006C redundant?
First image is my understanding of the wiring for the AquaSmart. Second image is the wiring of the controls as they exist now.

Truly appreciate any guidance, wisdom, or advice. Thank you!