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furnace/ AC smell problems?

ahhhvac Member Posts: 2
edited November 2022 in Gas Heating
I have been having a furnace smell problem? The HVAC was installed on 07/19/22 and went from cool to heat on its own and emit foul fumes on August 21/22 at 10:35pm. It was found installed incorrectly, the water was in the coil box, and went to the air duct. Water leaks into my attic insulation. I have called the fire department three times, two times in August just the day after the incident, I have had the installer out a few times, but claims nothing was wrong. After two months of suffering, no one listening, a friend visited us. She felt physical discomfort in less than 30 minutes: eye burned and lips burned that I had been complained, we called the fire department together. This time, The fire department found a gas leak and turned off the gas. Atmos locked the meter the following day around the HVAC units. A plumber found did the soap and pressure test, he said all gas-line in the attic needed to be replaced. I ended up re-piping the gas lines. the installed claimed it is the gas.

This HVAC blows air that makes your lips burn, your eyes burn, it gives you a nasty taste in your mouth, it make you sick to your stomach ache, chest pain and lightheaded feeling, to name a few. Also, if not smelling it or feel it, we are constantly spitting.

Contact the manufactures, American standards, it claimed the data collected by the installer was fine. Whatever it is it The installer told me there is nothing, it was just the way my house smell and told me to visit more dr. Even the neighbors smell or feel the discomfort. No one seems to be able to figure out what it is, due to liability, no other HVAC company can open the coil box. and I know it's something! It gets worse when the system is on. It blows out very strong odors fumes with light powder that choked the throat. I covered the kitchen vents with dry mops. I needed to cover all the vents. When the heater or Ac clicks on and then halfway through the blower cycle starts to let up some more fumes and odor. Does anyone have any ideas? please help. Air duct cleaning technician, Atmos technician smells it, neighbors felt it, but the HVAC installation company claims nothing wrong. Plese help!!!!! I am contacting a HVAC technician; he is coming to check the issue. Please advise what to look for. Thank you.


  • Dave Carpentier
    Dave Carpentier Member Posts: 546
    I jump to two ideas, combustion products or molds.
    Presumably, the hvac tech measured for CO in the house (if not, get someone to do that).

    Next. I would probably be looking for someone to do an indoor air quality test. They can test for molds and other organic (or non-) things in the air.
    The usual problem (with so many things nowadays) is trying to find a good company that isn't there just to sell you things.
    30+ yrs in telecom outside plant.
    Currently in building maintenance.
  • pecmsg
    pecmsg Member Posts: 4,192
    At this point I'll ASSUME any water that was in there has evaporated and dried up.

    I agree get a indoor air quality test performed.

    I'd also get a Low-Level CO Detector. The defender is one I like!
  • ahhhvac
    ahhhvac Member Posts: 2
    Eyes burn: hvac technician found gas valve leaking.
    Lips burn and burning robber fumes: still search, possible air control valves.