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Question about timing for boiler / radiant heating during daytime


We have a 1950s home with a boiler and radiant heaters (cast iron in each room). I've received all sorts of advice on when I should have the house heated, some say the standard cool at night and turn on turning the day, but then I was recently told with radiant heaters that does not make as much sense since it takes longer to heat the house vs standard furnace?

So my question is, what is the most efficient schedule with boiler and radiant heaters?

Sorry if this is discussed elsewhere (I couldn't find it). Thanks,



  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 22,213
    This has been covered -- under the general heading of "setbacks". If by radiant heaters you mean radiators, which I presume you do since you refer to cast iron, the general consensus -- to the extent there is one (it is one of the more debated topics!) is that a night setback of between 3 and 5 degrees is comfortable, and may save some energy. Much more doesn't seem to be much of a saving, and setting back during the day doesn't seem to be all that helpful either -- unless no one is home most of the day, in which case it could be perhaps 2 degrees setback during the day, and a warmer few hours in the morning and the evening when people are home.

    Hot air -- forced air -- is a very different matter, and that is where most of the noise on the advantages of setbacks is coming from. You don't have that, and it doesn't apply.
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