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Preparing system for winter

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With the summer winding down i figure this is a good time to get my boiler prepared for the upcoming season. Being in the northeast, in recent years the boiler has been turned on earlier and earlier, so id rather get it set up now before i really need it. 
Some of you may remember me from last winter when i posted questions regarding my vents hissin, gurgling  and spitting water. After a long trial and error and investigating, i checked each pipe to each radiator and back and saw no main vents. That's problem 1, problem 2 is all 6 vents still spit some water with one directly over the boiler being the worst. they spit towards the very end just before boiler shuts off. The vents function correctly as they should by letting out the air, closing, the rads fill with steam. Then just before the boiler shuts off, based on my timer, about 90 seconds the vents start gurgling and i see drops of water coming out. So if the boiler would shut off about 100 seconds earlier the vents wouldn't gurgle. Over this summer, ive pitched each radiator just over 1/16 on the opposite side of the intake valve. The gurgling is slightly less but for some reason, just before the boiler shuts down the vents fill with water. For context i have varivalves, they are completely open on the second floor and nearly closed on the first floor. 
Other then this occurring issue; what should i do to the actual boiler to ensure a properly functioning system for the entire winter?
Thank you in advanced!


  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 23,426
    You are controlling the boiler entirely with a timer? Do you have any idea what pressure is being reached at the end of the timer's cycle? Since you mention vents on the radiators, I assume that this is one pipe steam, in which case the pressure must not be allowed to go over 1.5 psi.

    On the other hand, if you are controlling on pressure, make sure that the connection of the pressure control to the boiler is clear and open, and that the pressure control is set properly -- and is working.
    Br. Jamie, osb
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