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3 Questions about my Triangle Tube Solo Boiler...

Javelin Member Posts: 138
Dear Heating Pros,

In 2013 with an amazing amount of help from all you fine pros, I installed a new Triangle Tube Prestige Solo 250 boiler. All has been running smoothly.. I replaced the ignitor once and continue to do BASIC routine maintenance. I'm more of a planner and would rather think in advance than be caught off guard... A few questions if you could answer:

1) What's the typical lifespan of one of these boilers?

2) I THINK I remember a manual J being done before I did the install and the 250 was recommended, but it DOES seem to cycle a lot and from what I know about ModCon boilers (not much) I would be I'm not getting the efficiency I should be probably. Is there someone that you all can recommend in the Philadelphia PA area to give me an ACCURATE manual J as well as any other recommendations for the future?

3) It seems that Triangle Tube is not a very common brand with anyone I call in the area not wanting to service them in anyway. What's the best mod-con boiler in 2022?




  • GGross
    GGross Member Posts: 948
    1) 10-25 years depending on maintenance. shoot for about 20 years

    2) no recomendations here, but 250,000 btu is quite a lot for most houses, without doing a manual J its a just a guess though

    3) Triangle Tube is a fine boiler. The best boiler in 2022 is one that is installed correctly, sized correctly, well maintained, and has parts, and good service available locally.
  • Hot_water_fan
    Hot_water_fan Member Posts: 1,792
    That's a large boiler. In Philly, that'd imply you'd use about 3,000 therms per year. Is that in the ballpark? Now that you have a boiler in place, a manual J isn't necessary - you have the real operating data.
  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,542
    If you have the Trimax controller, it should tell you CH ignition and run times. With that information, you can tell your average cycle length.
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