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Honeywell Thermostats and Total Connect Comfort

I am using Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Application to control three locations.
I recently had a new HVAC system installed with three dampers to control the air flow going to the upper floor. They system works great, except for the remote thermostat.
I am currently in another State and I don't trust those who are at home to change anything of the thermostats. Currently, I go online in the morning and evening to adjust BOTH thermostats temperature and have the thermostats in Permanent Hold. I do this so the thermostats have matching temperature settings.

The dealer installed a FocusPro TH6320R.
I can see the thermostat in the TCC App, but it does not allow me to see or change any schedule on this thermostat. In order for the HVAC to work the way I want, I need to have both thermostats (the main thermostat is a wired Honeywell) to have the same schedule.

Two questions:

1) Can I get the FocusPro TH6320R schedule to show on the TCC App? How?

2) If the FocusPro TH6320R is incompatiable with the TCC App, what thermostat can I have the dealer install to do what I want.
(A) It would be great if the replacement thermostat is battery operated.
(B) If there is not battery thermostat replacement what wired thermostat should we request? The downstairs thermostat also controls the humidy in the house. So should the remote thermostat have the humidy option?
(C) Please remember whatever we do the thermostat needs to work with the damper system. I am not sure how the system does it now, but it is desigened to have the dampers to adjust if the upstairs thermostat is the one controlling the HVAC.

By the way, the temperature is a LOT MORE comfortable with damper system. GREAT feature.
Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.



  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,626
    Perhaps the scheduling is disabled in the thermostat. That's the only reason I can think of that you'd see the stat in the app but not the schedule. Unfortunately, you have to be in front of the stat to check/reset that option.

    Are you manually changing the temps because of the lack of the schedule, or because they get changed during the day & you want them changed back? Some Honeywell stats (TH8110, e.g.) can be locked so that the keypad is either inoperative or so that the temp can be adjusted but will revert at the next program interval. Either one may simplify your experience.

  • LakeGuy_MO
    LakeGuy_MO Member Posts: 2
    First I want to thank you for responding to my post. This is what I like about Forums, people helping people.

    I am changing the temperatures because I want it slightly cooler at night so my son will sleep better at night.

    Can you send me the link that explains how to enable the setting in the thermostat?

  • ratio
    ratio Member Posts: 3,626
    Well, I found the installation manual here < https://documents.alpinehomeair.com/product/Honeywell TH6320 Installation Instructions.pdf >, but it doesn't seem to have a setting to turn the scheduling completely off, so I'm out of ideas. Are you sure it's a TH6320? First digit even (6xxx) means programmable, odd means non-programmable (e.g. 5110). If that's not it, you might need to try Honeywell tech support.

    I can tell you for a fact that the TH8000 thermostats work correctly in the app, that's what I have. But I think the 6000 stat should work as well.

  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,653
    maybe it is a software thing with the phone and the device/application