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MPO147 Low temps <~20F starts,rumbles,damper shakes, F.oil leaks below swing door

Hi Folks! I have a US boiler/Burnham.. MPO 147B, with carlin controls/indirect water heater fire rate 1 gph. efficiency 87. Direct air CAP system ~40 ft chimney with carlin controls and a RC calibrated baro damper. one fuel line from an inside 300gal tank. Just 1.5 years old. Very frustrating to have to call when the temps go below <20F and below. It rumbles and damper goes crazy, red oil drips back and out the bottom area of the front swingout door and onto floor and bricks it sets on..fumes and unburnt fuel trip the COalarms. It uses red biofuel, 6B climate, 554 elevation on a windy mountain. Service keeps cleaning the burnt chard fuel off the round strike plate and putting in dif. nozzles. it now has a Delevan .85-45B changed from ,85-45A That one left a interesting pattern... Clean round spray area in the middle and black char on the outer .5 inch! Thinking a wind damper at the top of the chimney may allow a decent year with out a service call. 8F and Too much snow on the roof at the moment.. I want my V15 and Beckett controls, pump and burner back! If anyone has a moment it would great hear any thoughts on this one. Thanks so Much!


  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,377
    What pump pressure? I doubt it's just a wind issue.
    Draft readings, over fire, at breach port?
    Rest of combustion numbers?
    You just need a tech to properly check the pump (pressure/vacuum), z dimension, check coupling for slipping, power vacuum bleed, do a proper combustion test...for starters.
  • Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien Member Posts: 3,522
    CAP installed properly? Draft set correctly? It will increase in colder weather. Burner set for use with outside air? See chart on page 4 of manual
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  • Nostat2Handlers
    Nostat2Handlers Member Posts: 5
    edited January 2022
    Hi Steve, thanks so much for your response here. I forgot to mention the damper flap quickly blows out and slam shut when it goes off. I did find a copy of the testo 320 LX thermal print after fuel pump/filter/strainer was cleaned, electrodes adjusted, clearance confirmed not changed and plate cleaned. This was on 3/21.. Draft -0.2"h20 and was told it was 87.3 gross off. not as cold that day and draft was taken from the brass port on back of the unit and not the exhaust pipe..?. Comb, type 2nd, Fuel bioheat 5, O2 ref 3.0%, CO2 Max 15.4%, Comb. test 326.8F, temp stack, 5.3% O2, 5 ppm CO, 7 ppm Co free air, -0.040inH20 draft, 87.3%, eff gross, 31.5% excess air, 11.50 % CO2. ppm CO ambient N/A? Amient temp 62.4F 62.4 ppm.
    Not sure what I was thinking but I tried to take a draft check with last night with a Dwyer mag. dial g. +- 10in gage way out of range!
    Yet I did note there was a lot of moisture in the clear vinyl tube when the unit runs at 10F intake air!
    I was also wondering if Beckett controls without the outside air intake would have less issue and less maintenance than the old V15? There seems to be plenty of draft air to suck out of the house with leaky duct work and windows, doors etc. The techs are really stressed this time of year but I will try to get the proper data..
  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 22,147
    edited January 2022
    To regard it in a simple minded way... the combustion settings are way off. Your description sounds like a severely overrich condition, at least before chimney draught is established. A competent tech., with the right instruments and the training and knowledge to use them, should be able to fix this without too much hassle. I don't think it's a parts problem, but an adjustment one (although it's possible -- I can think of one scenario, with the burner fan slipping on the shaft, that might do this).
    Br. Jamie, osb
    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England
  • Nostat2Handlers
    Nostat2Handlers Member Posts: 5
    Hi Folks! :)
    Thanks Sooo Much for your comments here. I just found a copy of the thermal print test! Data edited and Noted above.. Not as forgetful as I thought I was! But still do not have all the data Steve and Robert requested. And Thanks Jamie! I wonder if a high speed fan slip would make a noise? Gee it's not 2years old yet.... Still wondering if a Beckett fan and Honeywell controls without the outside air intake would have less issues and less maintenance than the old V15 or would it still need the fan in can? It seem we need to fighter jet engine techs to deal with some of the settings on the newer units. I can understand for gas fired 90+ efficiency but oil fired not so sure. I have to depend on my service folks some of this data requested as I do not have all the equip. to test the unit. Thanks Again for all you thoughts here!!