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Triangle tube prestige 110 hot water, but no heat

tuna Member Posts: 3
My heater is 10 years old and I just bought the house a year ago. I have 3 solar hot water heaters on the roof. My heat has always been so hot, the thermostats are set at 55, and the house heats up to 75.
I just changed the motherboard and igniter. Now I don’t have error codes, but the heat is not switching from DHW. When I reset the system the valve opens and shuts back off. 
Any ideas on how to fix. 


  • Daveinscranton
    Daveinscranton Member Posts: 115
    My only suggestion is to read the manual very very carefully.  It may take awhile to figure out that heat thinks that it is domestic hot water or some such thing (for example).  Someone with ability will probably chime in shortly.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,472
    edited January 2022
    Did you change the MCBA ?
    Was the original one a MCBA 1 and you installed a MCBA 5 ?
    If so you may have a programing error or you may have to hold one of the right buttons for a couple seconds to turn the "CH ON" = Central Heat On..
    Be careful not to turn off the domestic :#
  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,467
    Which controller does yours have? Picture?
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  • tuna
    tuna Member Posts: 3
    My parameters are all at factory settings. CH=01. I never had an issue with the heater staying on. I checked it this morning and the hot water was down to 82. I turned up a thermostat which started the burner, but still no heat going past the valve actuator.
  • tuna
    tuna Member Posts: 3
    Called tech support, the technician knew exactly what I needed, he had me reset a bunch of parameters for the motherboard, now it’s working as it should. Also turned down my heat to 120 instead of 186. Maybe now the house won’t be as hot as it was.