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How hot is too hot?

rzarat Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone, I have a new System 2000 EK1-f installed and I'm unsure if it's running too hot. It's at .85 GPH input and when the first floor calls for heat it's getting up to 205* with returns between 193-195*. It does turn off at this point and begin circulating. When upstairs calls, it never hits 200*. These temps and their irregularity seemed strange to me, but I couldn't find any specs, so I look to the pros!

Additionally, the Carlin burner has some buzzing/resonance that is significantly louder at some times more than others. It can always be heard from the 1st, and sometimes 2nd floor despite the EK insulation box. (There are un-insulated old wood floors between the basement and 1st floor, but it almost sounds like a small hand-held vac is running in the basement).
Adding to this, there is a small oil leak dripping into the bottom tray of the burner enclosure coming from the air tube. Within the air tube, the oil seems to be coming from the nozzle. A combustion test was performed by the installer and the results were perfect.

Could there be a connection between this irregular heat, sound, and leak? What else could potentially be affecting these three issues?

Would love to hear your thoughts!


  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 23,433
    None of that is right. You need to get the installer back and get these things fixed. Worse, the three things aren't connected -- you have at least three problems there.
    Br. Jamie, osb
    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England
  • rzarat
    rzarat Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Jamie, I appreciate the insight and will get in touch. For my knowledge going forward, should this system ever be hitting 200*+?
  • dopey27177
    dopey27177 Member Posts: 887
    The buzzing sound may be how the oil burner is connected to the boiler. Check and see if the oil gun is touching the cabinet of the boiler, or there is something loose on the covers of the oil burner,

    As to the leak from the nozzle you may have to change the nozzle because some a particle of dirt may have gotten thru the oil filter and lodged in the nozzle. Change the nozzle and have the tech re-analyze the combustion'

    JUGHNE Member Posts: 11,075
    Is the pump running as this temp is approached?
    Did you say burner shuts down and then pump starts?
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,505
    Yes it can hit 200°. It's where the high limit is set. Your boiler is making more heat than is needed with one zone calling.
    The buzzing...try going down to the unit and see if you can pinpoint the buzzing. Maybe the cover wasn't put back on correctly. Touch/push on stuff. Watch out for HOT!!!

    The installer needs to come back and address the nozzle dripping, ASAP.

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  • Roger
    Roger Member Posts: 333
    Thank you everyone’s comments and for your post, @zarat .

    We will want to be in touch with your installer to review your questions and help resolve your issues. Please PM me with your and your installers contact information. 

    It sounds like your control may be set up for undersized radiation, in which case it delivers higher temperatures to boost the heat output. As your return and supply temperatures are so close, this may be the case, or it may just be a small zone.

    I look forward to hearing back from you. 

    Thank you,
    Energy Kinetics, Inc.