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Best way to break down this type of boiler

Dairon421 Member Posts: 80
will be getting abestos removed


  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,543
    Are you looking to remove it?
    I would start with an asbestos test and remediation.
    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
    Albert Einstein
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,327
    You will find draw 2 rods running vertical that hold the sections together. Cut those rods with a sawzall or angle grinder.

    Now it gets a little tough, the sections are stacked on top of each other like a stack of pancakes.

    A wedge and a hammer & a cold chisel go between the section to open up a space then a crowbar. Finally you get to the point where the top section will slide off onto the floor. STAY OUT OF THE WAY.

    Either that or figure out some overhead rigging to pick the top section off. Your choice we usually just pushed them off.

    Something on the floor to deaden the crash isn't a bad Idea. A couple of old tires, and old mattress or some carpeting.

    After you get the top one off it gets easier working your way down
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,506
    Remediate the asbestos, hire some muscle. I have a scrap guy that does this and takes out oil tanks for me. It's cheaper than back pain.