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Taco Pump Number

Unfortunately the Burnham boiler bypass kit part number 107795-01 is on back order for a while. Does any one know which Taco variable speed pump is included in the kit in order to make my own boiler bypass? It is shown on page 48 of the X-2 I&O manual.



  • jad3675
    jad3675 Member Posts: 46
    Since it has a temp sensor, it looks like it could be a 007-VDTF5.
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 5,176
    Call US Boiler and ask them
  • NoelAnderson
    NoelAnderson Member Posts: 13
    I was looking at the 007-VDTF5, but it operates on delta-t and not minimum return temp for boiler protection. I wonder if the Burnham circulator is made by Taco just for them. The main reason I selected the Burnham boiler was for the ease of installing this manifold for protecting the boiler without mixing valves or the space I needed for primary/secondary plumbing. The system I will be installing this on is 1-1/4 copper with monoflo tees and cast iron radiators.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 9,621

    It does come with a sensor for return water protection. Dimensions of the pump are likely the same as all the other pumps.

    I would call Taco or Burnham to get that answered.

    I would pipe you own manifold just put a union where the pump will go (or just two unions dry fitted) so you can get you apart when the pump shows up
  • Rich_49
    Rich_49 Member Posts: 2,589
    You didn't get what you didn't pay for and it will never be what you thought it would .
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  • mjstraw
    mjstraw Member Posts: 30
    Product data sheet for one of the Burnham boilers (XPV?) says:

    System bypass kit w/Taco 007e
    – P/N: 107795-01

    Indiana PA

  • Dave H_2
    Dave H_2 Member Posts: 464

    There are a couple of solutions to your situation;

    1. You can do as others said, pipe in a “blank” circ now and when it comes in, install. What I mean by blank is to take a piece of pipe the length of a circ, attach to the flanges and shut off the valve(s) on that loop.

    2. You can use the VT2218 Delta T circulator. However, you will not use it in the Delta T mode (which is the default mode) but rather use it in the Boiler Protection mode.

    There are several ways to wire in this circulator;

    1. Wire it to the system circulator so that whenever there is a call for heat, this circ will run also
    2. Use a SR-EXP controller and wire it to the Primary Terminal

    I hope this helps,


    Dave H
  • NoelAnderson
    NoelAnderson Member Posts: 13
    Thanks to all who helped. I just received confirmation that my bypass kit will be here today, a month and a half early. It is pretty bad with how long lead times are taking in order to get parts.
  • mjstraw
    mjstraw Member Posts: 30
    Let us know what pump comes with the kit.
    Indiana PA

  • NoelAnderson
    NoelAnderson Member Posts: 13
    The pump that came in the kit is a Taco 007-HVSF5-4IFC. The best match I could find on the internet was the 007-HVSF5 on which cost a lot more money than the Burnham boiler bypass kit part number 107795-01. I know the IFC in the 007-HVSF5-4IFC part number means internal flow check, but I don't know what the -4 means.
  • mjstraw
    mjstraw Member Posts: 30
    Does -4 mean 4-lobe flange?
    Indiana PA