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Ducted Mini-Split

Has anybody had personal experience with these ducted mini-splits? I'm doing some primary research for my own personal house. We have an older how and the basement is low ceiling and general cool so the focus is upstairs. Previous open concept homes have be perfect for wall installed indoor units. This home is 3 bedroom bungalow with separate living room and kitchen areas. It's a stick build attic and I have all the room in the world to play and work with. Would installing a ducted unit in the attic and then ducting to these individual rooms work? With all ceiling access would the supply and returns both being in the ceiling be inefficient/ineffective or both? I presume getting my heatloss done I would then need to address duct sizing to support the pressure drops of the unit.


  • pecmsg
    pecmsg Member Posts: 4,704
    For a primary residence with plenty of attic space I’d go standard ducted heat pump. If your in a warmer climate add a whole house dehumidifier. 
  • Hilly
    Hilly Member Posts: 426
    I should mention there is an existing forced air oil system but the basement is finished, ducted would need to be all re-done and the cost of the condenser and coil don't seem worth it economically. This will be a short term home - under 10 years so - sadly - economical will outweigh ideal.
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,764
    Each ducted mini manufacturer has detailed instructions on how they want their ductwork run. Main trunk and branch ducts. Each air handler must have access to be able to remove the blower assembly and evap of needed. In other words, don't bury them.
  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,475
    Why would the duct work need to be done to add ac to the existing oil furnace? Ideally it would probably be but there are likely ways to make it work or make it work with minor modifications.

    As far as the attic route goes, unless you are trying to zone it, functionally there isn't a big difference between a ducted mini split in the attic and a traditional split air handler in the attic, assuming you have the space.
  • Hilly
    Hilly Member Posts: 426
    Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it.