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Lochinvar WHN-155 noises

Hhoffman Member Posts: 1
I have an 8 year old WHN-1555 for my heat and hot water. Most of the time it runs flawlessly. Once in a while it starts making loud lawnmower noises and losing its flame. This seems to usually happen in spring when we have had several consecutive rainy days. I’ve had a repairman come out to diagnose it and they want to replace the fan assembly or the whole unit but I think it is a combustion issue. They did not run a combustion analysis despite me asking for one. Any ideas why this would be happening?


  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 6,582
    My guess that the tech doesn't know what a combustion analysis is and would prefer to just replace parts.

    You are correct. Someone that owns a combustion analyzer and knows how to use it should tune your boiler.
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