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Both electric and gas heated floor in the same house

WillC Member Posts: 23
edited March 2021 in Radiant Heating

Is there any benefits to have the entire house done with floor panels and the bathrooms (tiles) with electric heated floor? I was thinking it would react faster to demand and would also be easier to install.


  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,258
    It is nice to have warm bathroom floors year around, even when AC is running :) So, in some cases a small bathroom could have an electric radiant embedded in the tile set. There are some very nice thermostats to control electric radiant with timer function, setback, not to exceed or not to drop below temperature settings, when an embedded floor sensor is used with air sensing. So you can really customize the control of a bathroom.
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
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  • Mack_Muller
    Mack_Muller Member Posts: 0
    It may be cheaper to just install an electric underfloor heating system all over. Electric systems certainly are faster and easier to install; though you have to be really careful about the insulation. Are you building the whole thing or do you already have a gas-based system everywhere else?
  • ewang
    ewang Member Posts: 77
    I have electric heat in two of my bathrooms and recently installed staple up radiant (hydronic).

    I would 100% always do electric in bathrooms for the discrete and flexible control, without worrying about OA-Reset, short cycling, etc.

    Electric makes so much more sense for a micro-zone like a bathroom where you may want it different temperatures throughout the day/night.
  • GroundUp
    GroundUp Member Posts: 1,926
    The only issue I have with electric radiant is the fact that any break in any cable will result in the entire zone going down, not unlike holiday lights with a bad bulb. Even if short cycling were a concern (small zone), I would still do bathrooms with hydronic using a small electric water heater as the heat source. Operating cost is the same as electric radiant, but in my opinion has better control (water temps are adjustable) and longevity
  • WillC
    WillC Member Posts: 23
    edited April 2021
    House will have a gas heated boiler for above floor panels radiant heating.

    Initially I had the master bedroom with the ensuite bathroom as 1 zone but like Hot_rod said, it is nice to walk in heated floors in the bathroom during the summer.
    I think the ensuite bathroom will have its own hydronic zone since we will use it the most and it is a big area. The second smaller bathroom will be electrically heated.