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Grommet on gas line 95% furnace

Mikar Member Posts: 16
edited February 16 in THE MAIN WALL
My furnace has what the manual calls a "bellows grommet" on the 1/2" pipe as it enters the cabinet. Im assuming to seal room air from entering. Mine is missing so air infiltrates the cabinet at this location. The furnace air intake is take from outdoors though.

If there is air entering the cabinet here, in addition to my usual outdoor intake, could that cause issues with combustion?

Thats assuming that grommet is intended to seal the cabinet instead of being a damper for vibration or something.

Does anyone know the purpose of this grommet?


  • pecmsg
    pecmsg Member Posts: 2,071
    Its just a seal. Good to have but wont effect combustion. Duct Seal AKA Perma Gum can be used if you want
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