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Lochinvar Boiler model CWN0645PM

JBDragon Member Posts: 1
I'm getting 4 light flashes for changing out the Igniter. I did but that hasn't fixed the problem. In fact, I tried a second one as I have spares and that didn't help at all either.

It tries a number of times going through the cycle as I can hear the fan startup and running and after a couple of minutes it then gives up flashing the light. I happen to have 2 of these. One above the other. The other, the fan failed at the same time. So both were not working and I needed hot water. I could hear the fan making some noise on that one and was going to get to it, but it failed faster than I thought it would. So I pulled that fan out. The Motor was quite hot, took the fan out of the other one with the flashing 4 lights since it wasn't working and installed it in the other. So I have 1 of them working now. Have a couple 2500+ Gallon Hot Water Tanks that these heat up. I have a new motor on order, but I'm still going to have the issue of the Ignitor to deal with once the new fan motor is installed.

Any Ideas?


  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,546
    Has a combustion analysis been done?
    Is the heat exchanger clean?
    Are the burners clean?
    Is there adequate combustion air?
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  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,742
    If I remember correctly, minimum amp draw on good igniter is 3.5 Amps during heat up of igniter. Do correct me if I am remembering incorrect. If aftermarket igniters, they may be bit weak. Also burners could be dirty, need to be pulled and washed and or heat exchanger dirty. Just some thoughts. Whoever does work needs to be well versed in boilers and combustion.
  • JBDragon
    JBDragon Member Posts: 1
    I checked and I'm not getting any amp reading on the Igniter as it's going through the startup process.
  • JBDragon
    JBDragon Member Posts: 1
    I have my Boiler working. I had a spare Ignition Module RLY3428. After going through everything else. So plugged the new one in and BAM, it fired up. I was getting a good Amp reading on the Ignitor of around 2.2 Amps. Which is similar to the other boiler. Since we have 2 of these and a smaller one.

    It was just one issue after another. One thing fixed and something else goes bad. I haven't had to replace one before in the 10 years I've been working here. Ignitors sure, but not the Ignition Module. I just had to replace the fan in the other one. It was making some noise until it just froze up enough to be hard to turn the fan. One of those things where both end up failing at the same time. I had moved the fan from the one with the Ignitor issue to the other one to get one unit working until I could figure out what was one with this Ignitor one. I had to wait for another fan motor to come in to get that working again before I could go back to trying to figure out what was going on with the Ignitor.

    So FIXED!!!!! Now I need to order up a new Spare!!!