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Old steam radiator - what type of valve do I need?

I have an old steam radiator and am going to install it in a new room. The radiator already has a fitting with female nut that is 1-1/2" inside diameter. Please see pics. I am trying to figure out the type of valve I need to buy that fits this. Also, is there anything that I need to do to properly seal the connection - use pipe dope or teflon tape? Or should I just tighten it down? Thank you for the advise! This site is awesome.


    JUGHNE Member Posts: 11,021
    The part screwed into the radiator (the spud) must match the radiator valve it is connected to.
    Can you move the valve with the radiator?
    Or you get a new valve and spud comes with it.....remove the old spud (can be challanging) and match the components.
  • chad444
    chad444 Member Posts: 9
    ok thanks for the help. The radiator was salvaged from an old house so I don't have the valve. Is it possible to buy a new valve to match the old spud? Or is that asking for trouble?
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 11,021
    No and yes.....a new valve comes with a new matching spud. You need to remove the old spud.
    Very slim chance of old and new matching.
  • chad444
    chad444 Member Posts: 9
    Good news and bad news. I got the spud out but I had to sawzaw a notch on the inside and chisel it out. But I nipped the threads in one location. Is there any way to make this work without leaking or is this a goner? If this will not work, is it ever possible to remove the larger fitting and replace that? I did not yet try to remove it but it is rusted solid into the radiator. Ugh.....

  • Danny Scully
    Danny Scully Member Posts: 1,416
    edited January 2021
    Teflon, THEN wick, THEN mega-lock the new spud 😉
  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,469
    That is a really deep groove. Rtv could maybe seal it. Epoxy could seal it but it would have to be cut apart next time as well. maybe fill it with epoxy, clean the threads with a tap, then new spud with dope and wicking.

    Or replace the bushing, but maybe leave that for someone in another 70 years.
  • chad444
    chad444 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the tips all. Question: How would I even get the bushing out? Is there a good way to do that? I just don't want to risk a leak later so want to do it right the first time.
  • DavidKimball
    DavidKimball Member Posts: 1
    The cut looks like it is in the bushing. Take the bushing out and replace it. It’s probably a 2x1 1/2
  • MilanD
    MilanD Member Posts: 1,160
    edited February 2021
    Teflon, THEN wick, THEN mega-lock the new spud 😉
    This. ^^^
    You may also try using Oatey 15807 Brush on Blue Block. I had success with it instead of Mega-lock.

    Backing out that brushing will be a bear and you'll need a large pipe wrench - 3ft at least, if not a cheater bar too. Use penetrating oil, apply heat, and you can also try cutting a smaller adjacent grooves in the bushing, then cold chisel a section out of the rad threads a tad, and attempt to collapse the bushing slightly in order to get it to separate some from the radiator's threads and then try to back out with a wrench.

    If it were me, I'd do Dan Scully's suggestion first.