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Quiet boiler pumps? Network Control over Thermostats?

Hey again sage readers. I was so bowled over from the information I received from my first post I had to come back for more!

This is a two parter:

1 - Does anyone have experience sourcing the quietest pump available for water radiator recirculation? The burner itself for my boiler (Viessmann Vitola 200) is quite quiet, but the pump is really pretty annoying. I'm also wondering if anyone has tried to isolate the pump in some sort of sound dampening housing?

2 - I currently have 3 floors, which will all ultimately be heated with radiant heat from water radiators. I would like to have all radiators on individual controls, so I can micro manage the zones in my Inn, heating what I need as I need it. I would then like the whole system on one digital system that I can control via phone if necessary. The previous owners created 'zones' which are not very effective for what I'm trying to do. Any thoughts on systems out there that would let me tie everything together would be great!

Thanks everyone!


  • JohnNY
    JohnNY Member Posts: 3,149
    Very few cartridge circulators emit an audible working sound. If you can hear your boiler pump's motor running then you must be moving a lot of BTUs through via fast moving water.

    On your 2nd point, it sounds like you're looking to create very small zones. In that case you would use very small ECM pumps and noise really should not be an issue.
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    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,023
    What's the setup? Is it piped for hydraulic seperation so we're talking about the boiler circulator? 
    Does each zone have it's own circulator or is it one circulator with zone valves?
  • InnKeeperBen
    InnKeeperBen Member Posts: 12
    Yes, the boiler unit is rated for 185,000 BTU. I'm going to need to figure the math, as I want to add another 8 cast iron radiators, and I may need to add more pump capability?

    The setup is one circulator with zone valves. I don't like their zones, and would ultimately love to have control over every radiator individually (and digitally, and remotely).

    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,023
    Like @JohnNY wrote, an ECM circ is what you want with zone valves. Maybe even a bypass. 
    You definitely don't want each radiator controlled separately unless its piped for constant circulation. 
  • Zman
    Zman Member Posts: 7,446
    Noisy circulators are usually due to being oversized or installed using poor piping practice. 90 degree turns close to the inlet and improper support are likely causes.
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